hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance (_pulltrigger) wrote,
hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance

rant, bitch, rant

mood: pissed off
music: when i am queen - jack off jill

i basically argued with my mum on the phone infront of my whole p.e class. we were in the change rooms and i called mum to tell her she could pick me up later than the usual time after school, because alyse and i were going to grab a coffee. she couldn't hear me after i patiently explained to her several times and she was like "hello? hello?", and i repeated myself and was like "mum! hello!? mum! can you hear me? ... can you just LISTEN!?" and URGH. i cracked it after that. i was already making a scene. girls were staring at me then glancing at one another and left together quickly. i didn't care. i don't normally talk to my mum like shit. i was obviously pissed off at the time. when i was finally done and already leaving, the popular (bitchy) girl, who i had no idea was still in there, gave me a relax loser, i didn't know you could get aggresive, especially to your own mother type of smile. i have never wanted to scratch off her face with my nails more than i did then.
fuck it. i'll just be known as the bitchy, spoiled daughter and parent abuser. that's fine. better than being the slutty pig or gossip two-faced whore. imo. i'm overeacting, i know.. nor do i care.

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