hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance (_pulltrigger) wrote,
hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance

back home

mood: unsure of
music: our lawyers made us change the title of this song so we wouldn't be sued - fall out boy

i'm home. back from the gold coast, queensland... aka heaven. we stayed in a 5 star resort (parentals joined some resort club thing), which over looked the beach and we went to a different theme park everyday we were there. i'm so sick of my family though, none of us had any alone time. it's a place to go with friends and having my parents and brother constantly on your back got irritating. the place was full of eye-candy too, surfies everywhere! it was so embarassing having parents by your side if you can imagine T_T

these images weren't edited or anything (yes- the sky is that blue!)
anyway, i gotta get ready for work.. urgh.
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