hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance (_pulltrigger) wrote,
hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance

mother and fish

mood: pumped (as in excited.. for the weekend, that is)
music: call me - blondie

we got a new shower curtain and i seriously got a shock when i saw it. i don't know what is up with my mum and fish swimming around in the ocean. first my bedroom curtains (which i absolutely had no say in) and now the shower curtains? fish in the bathroom just makes more sense though.

i left a 1000 word legal studies essay two days prior to the due date.. and i gave up on it an hour ago with the false believe i'll skratch an A. i'll probably have to take the first few periods off tomorrow morning to complete it and have it ready for submission by wednesday. i've been really busy, not really really stupid.. well maybe a bit.

after wednesday school stress dies temporarily, on friday i'm going shopping with harding to find a this years formal dress (for myself, hah) but i won't be trying anything on -just having a browse, because i don't want to bore him and embarass myself with fittings, indecisiveness, my pickiness, budget, etc. i have to help him chose a tie best suited to the dress (if he skrews up my photos i'll have to shot him). it was his idea to come colour coordinated. no one else's partner thought of that. bestestest partner ever! i'm thinking fluro hot pink. hahaha.. erm no, not that mean.

i'm finally feeling creative again. after weeks of being creatively drained and blank all these design ideas are pouring into my brain.. from web and graphics, to fashion and craft and to my traditional drawing. i miss this feeling so! i just need time to gather it all and make something.

i'm on the hunt for icons. can't really be bothered making my own and so many people here are amazing at icons, so i'll borrow others. i also want to extend my vocabulary.

ps. apparantly i'm a bogan. HAHA.
define:bogan in google:
"(Bogan) is Australian (especially teenage) slang for someone who is not `with it' in terms of behaviour and appearance, someone who is 'not us'; hence, someone horrible, contemptible."

the world now suddenly makes sense.

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