my brother's a fucking cunt who should buy his own friends.
that would certainly beat having him bitching to my friends about me being in a shit mood.
i definitely wouldn't bitch to his mates about him.
i'd rant to my own... or get myself a shrink.
and jesus, who would he think my friends would be loyal to? me or him? hmm...


it's a two week holiday and i'm getting the sense of repitition. i feel like i'm doing the same stuff over and over again like some machine. i thought school was bad enough. my horoscope was right, it always is. this time i need a change of environment and pace, i couldn't agree more.
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50% recycled material. the other would be love & utter boredome. probably the most uncomfortable cushion in the world which sticks to your hair. but it's nice to throw though.
the image was cut out illustration i found at some uni magazine.

i drew these this quite a while ago... and seeing i've noticed that photos are the only visuals i've shown you guys. so some some illustration for a change. horay!

this one's it's been abandoned ever since i skrewed up the toning on the face. i quite like the shine on her eye.

i'll keep having update posts!
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i've been quite absent, disconnected from everything & myself this year.
i wrote a poem:

i am bored of reality.
to be content, i must be elsewhere.
among others so desperately seeking escape?
consciously yet uncontrollably slipping further and further away
from what is fact, to what is truth
the far angles of life perception.
an unreachable new state of mind and soul
a body stuck....
am i merely intriguing?
am i purely insane?
i doubt reality.


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i'm taking photos as i type! well, not literally but i'll post them in 5 mins -ish! tomorrow instead!

i owe you guys something good, i know. i promised i wouldn't neglect lj when i have a site up and i've failed miserably.

well, this is all i can offer for tonight, here are some boredom links for you... well i think they're pretty spiffy so i'll take back boredom. it'll keep you busy, trust me. plus, it's so much more fun clicking random x's not knowing where you're gonna go. go and literally get lost in these sites, click away!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

geek talk: it's far too early to feel the burden of owning a site. yes, i enjoy making layouts and making new little "webdesigner" buddies, but i feel pressured having to constantly update it to please my host, viewers and those passer-by-ers. personally, i believe running a personal website is like a huge competition (gaining hits, making better layouts than your previous ones, enhancing those skills, rah, rah, rah). my site's doing real well so far. i've ben getting quite a number of comments, just comes to show that my work's being appreciated. i don't know. if i neglect lj anymore because of my blog there (so sick of having two blogs) i'll turn it into a portfolio site. something simple. i'm very happy with lj and the community here atm. i just need some space for my art, nothing more. let's just wait and see for now.

EDIT/ she takes the best photos of herself. i'm straight yes, but i love her, lol. awesome artistic shots, she's very talented indeed. check out her photo section. click here./EDIT

it's UP mofucka

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N crashcabVICTIM

... finally (btw, andrea you're linked cause you rock)

i blogged there earlier tonight at my site, so i'll be sorta' repeating myself but rewording it... and i thought owning one blog was a chore URGH. i bullshitted my way throught my whole i.t exam today. did better than i expected too. media's next, but i'll be taking these next exams seriously (studio art, visual communication and design, legal studies, yadda yadda yadda) because i'm a perfectionist with the subjects i actually enjoy. i have my rmit fashion short course tomorrow- this was supposed to be fun. lying fuckers. i am definitely not up for anything early saturday mornings.
on the brighter side of life... *blank*. i have two more long weeks til i'm free from school until next year (then we start all over again) and i've lost my nice rosemin wallet with $140 cash for the formal money - but i'll be getting a new card in 5 days (yes, this is supposed to be good news), second time this year not to mention.
this sucks. i'm more depressed now than how i was before i started blogging. some outlet. i think i should sleep... and maybe start going back to church, lmao.

ps. http://crashcab.org/victim
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