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hi my name is simon

and i like to do drawings

17 July
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  • I like to make fun of the blind, deaf, belimic and cutters
HI I'M ROBY! =) What's up guys? I'm 14 and I go to HANKS, which has a not-so-great football team. Let's see... I'm sinigle at the moment, but that's because EVERYONE that I want to be with just wants to be friends. But hey, that's what hookers are for, right? I'm a pretty nice guy though, so if your looking for some lovin', just give me a call!!! I have three dogs, but one died a few weeks ago, so that really sucks. But, we got a new puppy, and she bites. Literally. By the way, I LOVE Japanese rock, espesially The Pillows. Well that about wraps things up, so I'll have to end this little bio. Bye bye now

P.S.- Did you guys know that there is a Roby fan club???

By the way, the name sounds like row-beee

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