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Doesnt want cookies an.y.more...

23 May 1987
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So before I introduce myself Ill be having a great announcement for all us Secondlifers up here!
At the blog of Chino Yray dot com you can learn and read all about getting started making
free L$ so start earning linden dollars today! But above all that theres a contest where you can win L$5000 linden dollars in just a few sec. So click away and make money today! =)

Well Little Hemelsvuur is Turned into psycho_kitten
maybe for some of you known as the Blue Kitty Cat
you know... from the Kitty Cat that wanted to play Hide and Seek with the scythe from the Reaper... no? ahwell...;)

Marjolein's LJ 75% friends only ;) so commend to be add

metal fan, fantasy fan, festival fan
sweet, bit weird, cute, huggly
draw and write fantasy fantasy
also design for band shirts, logos and merchendice
=^.^= *purr*

bye now *climbs back in the tree*