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construction is for those who have grisly, steely man grips. grips of brawn and power. grips with those finger ridges in 'em so when you put your fingers on 'em they fit real nice. construction isn't for the weak-hearted. you need a helmet, and of course, a penis. a know a few people who have those things, so they could do construction. this is why adam is a good constrution worker. chuck norris was in the construction business for a while, but adam's gotten so good at it that he tips his hat to him. at least, i'm sure he would if chuck norris hadn't given adam his autographed yellow construction hat.
obsessive jealousy can lead to many things. some of which are brittle nails and a weak stomach. perhaps a sharp tingling which may quickly subside into a fit of laughter or stick. stick stick stick to your bones. if i were a lamp i would stay on all day and waste all my energy helping everyone by giving them not-so-dark, especially nyctophobes. i would even let my glass or porcelin lamp shades become cracked or tarnished, just for the sake of light. that is the kind of lamp i would be. but i am not a lamp, so i must make do with the job interview i have today with minimum sleep and offer as much as i can to the world with rejuvination, splendor and caffiene, minus the obessive jealousy. this should be in revelations.

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