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hey guys. its been real .. real fun ( haha im cool ) but Im outta here. I'm leaving livejournal all together. I never get on anymore and its kinda pointless for me to keep my journal. I probably wont delete it, just incase later on I decide to change my mind, but I wont be updating anymore.

It anyone wants to add me on myspace, my links
Most of you have me on there already, but for those who don't.

♥ Jess


whats really bad is that I'm a Steelers fan ... major Steelers fan ... but that was a horrible Super Bowl, horrible. Besides the fact that both teams sucked and couldnt score for shit ... the refs sucked beyond belief. I could have called better shit than that ( Sorry, but Ben didnt get that damn touchdown ). Cowher .. man, let Ben throw the fuckin ball. Ok yeah, their running is A LOT of their team, but so is Ben's arm .. and they ran the shit half the time. The Seahawks knew everytime the ball was going to Bettis ... like it wasnt obvious. Then next .. the half time show sucked big asshole ... whoever said the Rolling Stones were still hot, were dead wrong. I was afraid the 76 yr old drummer was gonna have a heartattack or something. Usually commericals are cool during the game but they weren't. The only good one was the naked sheep streaking lol. Ok I think I'm done bitching ... I'm glad they won cause they're my team .. and Bettis definately deserved to win a Super Bowl before he retired. Damn, I cant believe no Bus next year. sigh

anyways ...........


im funny when I rant.


ok i know im not the best comment person, but I do read everyones journals. Now I kinda wanna see who still bothers with mine. LJ seems to be kinda dead anymore ... so anyways ...

comment here if you still read my shit and wanna stay on my list, otherwise you will be removed. I'll give it about a week cause I know not everyone is on everyday ... Im definately not.

ps. wish me luck tonight, its bar night and lets not hope any more drama happens ( read post before this for info )


well i havent updated in awhile, except for the fact of the STEELERS going to the Super Bowl yay !

So I guess I should update my week, last week. It was interesting to say the least. My life couldnt get any more drama filled. ughhh. So we go out on Thursday like we always do and Matt's psycho ex shows up .. yeah ( refer to this post for info on her ) so my stomach dropped. Cause the last time I saw her was when we all went out one night, almost got into a fight and I told her I was gonna bust a beer bottle over her head lol. So yeah, also too ... Im the only girl there with all the guys, none of my friends were there and I was kinda like omg I'm gonna get jumped by her and her fat friend . Well Abby showed up so I wasnt so worried. She did nothing but mug us all night but we continued on with our fun, I'm not gonna let this crazy bitch ruin my night. Ran into her in the bathroom a few times .. she didnt say shit of course. pussy. lol. So me & Matthew decide to leave cause were drunk and its late. So we go to Taco Bell and come back to my house. As we pulled in, Abby pulled in behind us. And she starts tellin us the story. Sam ( the fat bitch ) went up to her in the bathroom after we left and goes I dont want any drama with you or Jess, I'm just here to have fun . Ok then why say anything to begin with. Go hang with your friends and just leave us alone. Abby basically told her .. We dont like you, you dont like us, get over Matt and just leave everyone alone . Right on girl. Well our friend Micki was in the bathroom with Abby at the time and goes, Sam, I dont know why Brink dont like you, you're a really sweet girl . BULLSHIT. 2-faced asshole. She was talkin shit about Sam with me earlier in the night. When they went upstairs Abby said Micki, stop being so fuckin fake and Micki's like I know, I was just tryin to be decent so there isnt any drama . Abby turns around and Sam is up in her face like Being fake about what , so Abby had to repeat herself about how we dont like her and Micki was just tryin to be decent. All shit started and the bouncers come over .. Abby leaves.

Ok 1st ... dont go up to my friend, she doesnt have shit to do with it. The fat bitch waits till I leave to fuckin say shit ... you got the beef with me, handle it with ME not Abby. God, I hope that bitch is down there this week cause I'm about sick of this shit and I'm just gonna lay it all out and the table and tell her how the fuck it is. Anyways ...

Went out Friday after work with Ang for a few hours. Been awhile since we hung out and I had a really good time. She even got me drunk enough to sing kareokee (sp?) lol.

Saturday went shopping with Matt, went to his dads for awhile, then met up with Jess, Ashley, Mark, Scotty, Paul & Ketsa at River City Bar & Grill. Good times lol.

Worked Sunday, watched the Steelers whoop ass and make it to the Super Bowl ... and this week so far havent done shit. fun fun.

ok time for work, peace !

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I'm a crack addict who loves the Steelers. If they win you betcha you'll find a special post on here for certain eyes only. Because we all know it'll be time to do some streakin while we're geekin.

I must say, this season has been the best, but no where near as great as the tits, ass, and beer that I've encountered because of it.

-Double J Rated


Judy loves to invade my journal and make posts lmao !


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if it wasnt good enough to finally see the damn Patriots LOSE in the playoffs, it gets even better.

i'ma tell you what. like Carolynn said in her post ... The game between the Steelers and Colts about gave me a damn heart attack lol. I'm a die hard Steelers fan, even in their shitty days ... I didnt pay too much attention to the 1st half because they were doin so good, but that 2nd half was so nerve racking. That was the most stressful game I've watched in a long time. But I must say ... the Steelers did a hell of a job beatin that fuckin team. Such a shame to see Manning lose ... haha NOT. Must feel pretty shitty to have the # 1 team this year get beat by a Wild Card team :D God, I love it. Lets just hope they can hold their own againest the Broncos :/

ok anyways ... heres some pics from my birthday

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ok time to get ready for work ... getting out early since its Martin Lurther King Day .. yay ! Then going to the Wing Warehouse with Matt & Abby for some wings and drinks.

Have a good day everyone ♥

Birthday Update

well I have lots of pictures to go with this, but I'm at work so I cant upload them but I will later. For now, I'll just type :)

So Thursday afternoon ... me & Jess went shopping to try to find something new to wear that night, but of course I didnt find anything .. I never do. We had a fasination half the afternoon with this damn lottery ticket. Its new here in Ohio and its addicting ( hence why they have gambling hotlines lol ). We won 30 bucks, split it and ended up blowing it on more lottery tickets. I cant even explain the weird, insaneness we had with it lmao. So ... went home and got ready for bar time. Jess & Mat came over and gave me my birthday present. It was awesome. She made me a basket with all kinds of shit. Body wash, a candle, picture frame, lip gloss, bath stuff, sunglasses ( I've wanted, they're pimp ), a little teddy bear ... etc. it was way cute. Went to the bar and just had a blast. I got totally shit faced .. but that was a given. Ashley and Mark got me a present too. A bunch of cute funny shit from the porn store lol. A guy pin that you wear.... you wind it up and the penis goes up & down. A penis shot glass, dick tarts and glow in the dark condoms lol. Cute shit, swear I'm not a sex feen :) So I got home at about 11:30pm ... how pathetic is that ? lol I was too wasted. Spent all night barfing my guts up and cussing at Matthew ( god knows why, I was just being a drunk ). Felt like complete shit the next day. Spent until about 3pm that day barfing my guts up too. Fun, fun. Matthew left for a little bit and came back. It got me the most gorgeous white roses. They were airbrushed pink & purple and glitter all on them, absolutely gorgeous. He also got me a card, ballons & a lottery ticket( my obsession one lol ). My brothers got me, lottery tickets ( which I won 50 bucks on ), a new mouse pad, a dream catcher & pepsi ( lol ). Mom got me clothes, that I had ordered onlinea few weeks ago, the Swifter vaccumm ( she's pushing me to move out soon lol ) and my Heavenly Angel perfume from VS. My aunt got me a gift card from Mc Donalds, my mom's ex got a gift card from Arbys ... and I think thats it. I made out pretty good for just being 23. god 23, yikes ! lol
Friday night, Matthew took me to dinner and it was delicious lol. Jess & Mat went with us, it was a good time. I was still hung over from Thursday that after that we just rented Wedding Crashers & Bad News Bears. Both are hilarious as shit and worth renting. I gotta stage 5 clinger lol.

so yeah, im done .. i'll post pictures tonight :)