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If you lived here, you'd be home by now [entries|friends|calendar]
stupid stupid

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on being amazing: [November 25, 2007]
e.t.s- i love it. we haven't spoken in months, then suddenly we're discussing the possibility of not procreating during the apocalypse
a.s.w.- well, i don't think either of us wants to see the other naked
a.s.w.- even if we're about to be raptured
e.t.s.- we'd have to make a glory hole


[November 09, 2007]
on this day in 2005 I wrote:
one day, a long long time and nine months ago, two people made whoopee.
and then charlie came along and the rest is history.

happy birthday.

it still applies.

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[July 27, 2007]
I'd rather be single than someone's backup plan, but I can't figure out if I'm a placeholder or just neurotic.

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[June 10, 2007]
David filiming


[May 25, 2007]
I've never seen anything like Coney Island Ghetto. It's pretty neat to hear some dj loudly playing TI on the whirly go round, but it reaches a whole new level when you realize the painted polar bears in hoodies on the background of the ride are crotch popping around two giant paintings of biggie and tupac.


[May 01, 2007]
portland bound


[April 27, 2007]
coffee is no longer my friend.

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[April 24, 2007]
yesterday kind of sucked. i got horribly mad and lost my cool, but then i came to terms with it. yes, i regret it and yes, i'm sorry but i won't apologize and life goes on.

today's a good day: ice cream with zach, bike rides and a new gameboy. i want James to come home from europe sooner. i want him to bring gummy worms.

i want dinner with charlie and jenanne. you see this, charlie? CHARLIE. LOOK HERE.

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this is the best thing about this week [April 20, 2007]
"She also had some interesting advice about dating black people.
'As Spindel sat answering the sorority sisters' questions, her rapt listeners sat on the floor, gripping note-cards with questions and copies of her book.
Spindel didn't hold back. In response to a question about dating outside of one's religion, she replied by way of example, "Jewish men will date shiksas. They won't marry them. You don't want to set yourself up for something you're not going to finish.' The same went for interracial dating. 'You're in New York. Find someone from your own tribe.'

Also, don't live with boys before you marry them, because of that whole cow-buying-free-milk you're-a-whore thing."

from gawker


[April 18, 2007]
i'm hungover and sleep deprived and running the emotional gamut today. I've been getting self righteously angry, sad, pissed off, happy. and I think it's completely dependent on what i'm listening to. The new Limbeck cd is making me angry, the older Limbeck songs make me sad, mostly everything else makes me happy. although Lucero is also bumming me out.

I need to never drink on work nights. i had a hundred dollar tab last night, lots of whiskey and the worst headache ever this morning.


[April 08, 2007]
Jackson says, "Wait, you have Floorpunch on your ipod but you don't have Pearl Jam."
I say, "Well, yeah."

I love sundays.


tomorrow! [April 05, 2007]

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[March 19, 2007]
I played hookey from work today to sleep.

On Saturday, David and I drank champagne and lamented that we weren't in Portland. If we were in portland, we would have gotten married. On sunday we were both horribly hungover.

Ben is moving to Korea in a couple weeks.

I made a lot of vague plans this weekend, in hopes that something actually comes through. They follow, in no particular order:
Jenanne and I will go visit Ben in Korea.
Yaataah and I and others will go to vegas next month. Girl's weekend.
Erica will have moved to New York next time I'm there. A different type of girl's weekend.
David is going to convince his work to pay for me to go with him on his Amsterdam business trip.
I'm going to see if I can't put off the Korea trip until the fall or so. I don't want to just go to asia for a week. I want to have enough money to stay indefinetely.

I feel bad for people that don't live in Northern California. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend. I layered up the sunscreen. It wasn't hot, however.

and I really don't regret missing SXSW this year. The people that matter most have come to me this year. except for like emily. but maybe i'll see about getting down to houston tx sometime soon.

life is really good.

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[March 04, 2007]
You know that realization when you do something completely bizarre, but you can't really take it back, because it's the internet and things never just go away anymore?
uh huh.

I set my coat on fire last weekend and spent today at wonder con and then i walked all over the city to find beers. saturdays are social days.
work is dull and i'm making stupid money.
i still need a vacation.

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[January 23, 2007]
I'm also looking at tickets to go to PHX soon. Anybody want a weekend houseguest? tell me when and i'll make my escape.

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[December 31, 2006]
It's getting closer and closer to midnight and I'm still at home in sweatpants. My overwhelming desire to have a good new years left sometime this afternoon. I should have made plans days ago, but nobody knew what they were doing and i just lost track of time. I don't know if it's depressing to be the only person home in sweatpants on new years, but i feel like i'm about to find out.

so there's that.

update: my cell phone just died, so it looks like i really am spending the night on the self pity express.
and to answer the rhetorical non question question i posed earlier, it's severely depressing.

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[December 15, 2006]

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[December 06, 2006]
Charlie is one of the best friends that I've got. No matter what has happened in our lives, I've always known there was a stool I could sit on in her kitchen and a good conversation waiting for me. The past 10 days have been really hard on her. She's had to go through an ordeal that no one should ever have. It ended today, tragically. Charlie was amazing thoughout this.
I just want everyone to know how lucky I am to have someone like her in my life. I love this girl.

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[November 20, 2006]
For lack of better words, amsterdam is the shit. Last night I got adopted by a bartender named Nils. Haavard is driving me nuts but i'm hoping it will get better. I heart the netherlands.

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[November 12, 2006]
i would murder for telegraph food court thai right now.
i'm excited about eating when i get home. i hope to never see another potato or peice of pork (excluding bacon) or leverpostei or brunost for AT LEAST a year. and i'm probably going to swear off loaves of bread for a month or so.

i'm also pretty stoked on central heating and street lights and taco trucks and automatic transmissions.

and amsterdam.

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