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stephen's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Nov 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | blank ]

NICKNAMES: i dunno
BIRTHDAY: 5-14-87
AGE: 16 1/2
GRADE: junior
STATE: ohio
FAVORITE SONG: what it is to burn - finch, i am the killer - thursday
FAVORITE SHOW: spongebob squarepants
B/F/G/F?: girlfriend
SCREENNAME: this is mayhem
EVER BEEN IN LOVE: yes, i am right now
ETC: i got pissed off after this christian hardcore band said that everyone at your school that talks about violence, sex, drugs and whatnot is going to hell.
PICTURE: sorry i dont have one

2 letters to you;three simple words

[26 Oct 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

what can say, you make me feel the same way inside. you steal my best lines. I LOVE YOU. thats all i have to say.

5 days. :)

three simple words

NFG was good before "sticks and stones" [12 Oct 2003|08:45pm]
[ mood | happy/tired ]

well yesterday i had to wake up at 7 in the morning. no it wasnt to start getting ready for homecoming putting make-up on and stuff. i had a hockey game up in columbus...yup. before the game it looked bad because we only had 8 skaters not including the goalie and the other team hd 17. well even though we lost 6-3, we played a really great game. we would have won, but we just ran out of gas after the first period.

lastnight was pretty fun. meredith was very beautiful, i couldnt stop smiling the whole night. rap is the gayest thing ever, but i like outkast. mer and i slow-danced it was nice. im not one that likes dancing, but if its with meredith then im in. :) we left at like 11:30 and drove around, had some fun and we each got a chocolate milkshake. we got stopped by two different trains on the same tracks.

i hope wenever get tired of each other either.

three simple words

this one goes out to me.. [08 Oct 2003|10:08pm]
She burns

Today's on fire
The sky is beating above me, and I am blistered
I walk these signs of blasphemy, every day
And still...

Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her
She's the only one who knows, what it is to burn

I feel diseased
Is there no sympathy, for the sun
The sky's still fire
But I am safe in here, from the world outside

So tell me
What's the price to pay for glory

Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her
She's the only one who knows, what it is to burn

Today's on fire, and she burns
Today's on fire, and she burns
She burns
She burns
She burns
She burns
She burns
She burns

Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her
She's the only one who knows, what it is to burn
three simple words

three day weekends are the best! [28 Sep 2003|08:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

a pretty relaxed weekend. hung out with mer everyday. i didnt really care for going to STD and TBS so i said fuck it and didnt even try to go. ahh ive seen them both before so its fine. i got my HC suit friday. my jacket was $50 and it was originally $350...score! i bought the new MATCHBOOK ROMANCE and Billy Talent cd friday as well. MR's cd is great and BT's is pretty kool. i actually enjoyed hockey practice saturday. me and mer drove arund after practice. and todqay i helped her with her lil sis gift for soccer. and it was nice just hanging out with her all weekend.

three simple words

[24 Sep 2003|09:14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


you say this road looks chilling
the bright blanket covers the black of our decisions
taking chances on anything
but we have foundations to fall back on

hands grasping the sweaty rubber
this road is starting to look dangerous
the silence breaks my concentration
as i start to swerve off the road
you say " a beautiful baby blue"

as i regain guidance of this car
my vision wanders through the pane
i see a sea of orange and yellow
autumn is here now, it’s getting cold outside
but we keep moving on towards something better than today

tell me what you think.

1 letters to you;three simple words

[21 Sep 2003|09:04pm]
[ mood | loved ]

meaningless car rides with you are the best.

i love you!

three simple words

[12 Sep 2003|11:07pm]
yelp im really back into The Early November. because this song fuckin rocks. its some hard shit. go listen to it.

www.absolutepunk.net (only place you can DL it)


also on mp3.com you can DL another new one called "Baby Blue" which is almost as good as this one, but it still rocks.

i love you.
three simple words

[11 Sep 2003|09:37pm]
[ mood | drained ]

yeah well this morning i was supposed to pick up meredith in the morning since we were getting our tickets for brand new and she didnt want to drive seperate. but it didnt happen because i didnt awake to my alarm clock and got up at 6:40. witness report by my dad said that it went off, i guess i turned it off in my sleep. yeah so i like drove 65mph down a 35mph street. really upset about what happened.

so after school meredith and i went to kroger and got our tickets for brand new. then we headed over to KFC and got us some popcorn chicken. it was good. then i took mer home and it was saddening to leave each other.

had hockey practice today. it was gay. did a bunch of gay drills that no one got. learned that the upper coach quit so its up in the air for who will be coaching the upper team now. well the guy that ran the practice will probably get the spot. from reports of one of my teamates, i heard hes a male stripper. and during practice he said that we'd have fun playing for him. wonder what that meant.

on the way home from practice i was talking to my mom about what i was getting for homecoming and i doubt ill get something really nice. it sucks because meredith will be all beautiful and i probably wont look that handsome. but we're gonna look around. and ill probably be driving the 20s.

three simple words

[02 Sep 2003|07:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

friday night - went over to mer's and had some mamaria's which is the best pizza in fairfield. we just chilled and had some fun.

saturday - me, meredith and her parents went up to Easton(columbus), ohio to this huge, nice, new mall. its awsome, i suggest you go up there. well she did shopping and i just tagged along. we had little fights, but we overcome every obstacle thrown our way. we got home at like 830 and we had some fun.

sunday - ate dinner with mer, parents and grandparents. then we were off to see pirates of the carribean for the second time and it was as good as seeing it the first time.

monday - i helped mer and her mom set up her turtle tank. chilled and had some fun

tuesday - schools going a little faster now so im fine with it being back to school i guess, i just wish we got to sleep in a little more. meredith got rear-ended(no not by me in a sexual way) but by a car and i was a little worried even though shes fine. im glad that shes not hurt. GO SUPER MEREDITH!!!

-its getting cold outside, but we keep moving on towards something better than today.-

1 letters to you;three simple words

[27 Aug 2003|05:54am]
goodbye summer.
fuck school.

i love you.
2 letters to you;three simple words

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