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Hello! I'm a 39-year-old slash fangirl. I'm French and I studied English and Spanish at university. Sorry if there are a few grammatical mistakes here and there.

I used to write fanfics and original fics.

Feel free to send me an e-mail at mel__chan@hotmail.com (there are 2 underscores between mel and chan).
ace wo nerae, agents of shield, ai no kusabi, all for the game, alphas, angel sanctuary, anime, autism, avengers, bleach, brooklyn nine-nine, buffy, card captor sakura, charmed, chihayafuru, clamp, color rush, cut & run, d.gray-man, dante's cove, dear boys, demon diary, demon slayer, discworld, doctor who, elemental logic, elite, fast and furious, fruits basket, física o química, gankutsuou, gokusen, good omens, gravitation, hanakimi, harry potter, haru wo daiteita, havemercy, heartstopper, heaven official's blessing, hero, heroes, hex, hikaru no go, his dark materials, host club, htgawm, i'll, inception, innocent venus, junjou romantica, jyu oh sei, kat-tun, kindred, kings, kuroko no basuke, kyou kara maou, lgbt, link click, lip service, lost, lost girl, love mode, loveless, manga, mirage of blaze, motherland: fort salem, nabari no ou, naruto, night head genesis, nightrunner, noah's arc, nobuta wo produce, october faction, oitnb, ookiku furikabutte, orphan black, pacific rim, patricia briggs, person of interest, primeval, prince of tennis, princess princess, queer as folk, runaways, saiyuki, sengoku basara, sense8, shelter, shounen onmyouji, skins, slam dunk, slash, soukyuu no fafner, south of nowhere, space sweepers, star trek, star wars, sukisho, switch, swordspoint, tactics, teen wolf, tenet, terra e, the almighty johnsons, the bartimaeus trilogy, the chronicles of narnia, the covenant, the craft sequence, the gates, the good wife, the handmaid's tale, the hazards of love, the hollows, the inheritance trilogy, the l word, the magicians, the man from uncle, the mortal instruments, the old guard, the secret circle, the society, the uncanny counter, the untamed, the vampire diaries, tokyo babylon, travelers, tropical malady, true blood, uraboku, vampire knight, warehouse 13, waterboys, were the world mine, wicked lovely, without reservations, wolf lake, wolf's rain, wolves of kromer, word of honor, x, x-men, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yaoi, young royals, yuri, yuri on ice, zetsuai

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