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Men in Black: International + 3% Season 3

Today I went to see Men in Black: International, aka Thor and Valkyrie in Black. It was fun. Not very innovative, but good old fun. :-)


3% is back with a third season. It was great, but it's starting to feel a bit repetitive. Season 1 was the strongest. Still, the writers did a good job coming up with all the new tests of the Selection.

Alta Mar

Alta Mar is a Spanish TV show about a murder mystery on a cruise ship.

The plot was a bit far-fetched, but I liked the characters, especially Eva. She's played by Ivana Baquero (Eretria in The Shannara Chronicles). I knew she had Spanish origins, but I didn’t know she acted in both languages.

Run in the Blood by AE Ross

Run in the Blood by AE Ross was rather good. Aela, a pirate girl, gets captured by the King. He wants her to deal with the nagas thanks to the powers of her clan.

I knew this was f/f, but while reading it, it really felt like it was going to be f/f/m. But nope, it was just f/f, which was nice, of course, but a little underwhelming considering the context. I guess the author wanted to play with love triangle conventions, but it didn't have the intended effect.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was awesome. ^__^ The cinema was pretty empty, though.

I really liked the focus on Jean, SpoilerCollapse )

Magneto had a great role and a couple of slashy scenes with Charles. <3

There were no post-credits scenes.

Eelgrass by Tori Curtis

Eelgrass by Tori Curtis was wonderful. After her best friend's sealskin gets stolen, Efa goes to the sirens for help.

This is a selkie/siren f/f story. There are lots of female characters throughout the book. Women supporting other women, what a lovely read! <3 I can't wait for more from this author.

Also check out Seven Tears at High Tide by CB Lee for a selkie/human m/m story at peak cuteness.

The Society

The Netflix show The Society was so much better than I expected (I've rewatched the trailer and it's basically the tabloid version of the show). These kids are suddenly faced with adulting without any parental support. It's fascinating to watch them deal with all the things to do and all the decisions to make. Most of the time, they do a great job. ^__^

There's a deaf gay major character and I love him and his storyline. <3

There are already a hundred fics on AO3, so hopefully I'll find some plotty ones, because I need more of this. I hope it'll get renewed.

Spellbinding: An Anthology of Magic

Spellbinding: An Anthology of Magic was great. Most of its authors are LJ people. Proof that LJ isn't dead and can still generate awesome collaborations.

Usually, anthologies are a mixed bag, but I enjoyed all the stories in this one. One of them has LGBT representation: "The Man and the Crow" by Rebecca Crunden is m/m. Yay for queer wizards! <3


Today I went to see Aladdin and it was a lot of fun. ^__^ I've never been big on Disney movies, but Aladdin was my favourite, so of course I had to see the live-action version.

Naomi Scott (Kimberly in the Power Rangers movie) was great as Jasmine and she had some amazing dresses.

The Widening Gyre by Michael Johnston

The Widening Gyre by Michael Johnston was good. A mostly-human crew looks for the way to Earth.

The story made me think of Firefly, but with aliens. Also, the protagonist is queer and there's canon m/m.

The True Queen by Zen Cho

The True Queen by Zen Cho was delightful. Two sisters – one with magic, the other without – wake up on a beach without their memories.

This is the sequel to Sorcerer to the Crown, which I read for the POC content. You can imagine how glad I was to find out that The True Queen had both WOC and LGBT representation: major f/f and minor m/m. <3 It can be read on its own, though Sorcerer to the Crown is also an excellent novel.
See You Yesterday was a great Netflix movie. CJ and Sebastian invent time travel. When CJ's brother gets killed by the police despite being unarmed, they try to go back and save him.

The movie has Black protagonists and deals well with Black Lives Matter issues. I definitely recommend it.


I've rewatched The Shannara Chronicles. It's my favourite heroic fantasy TV show (not that there's a lot of competition).

I missed my girl Amberle. <3 On the other hand, I had forgotten how annoying Eretria was at the beginning of the series.

Season 2 has canon f/f and a lot more POC than S1.

Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver was good. People with powers are prisoners of the city of Parole. Regan, whose memories have been erased, is looking for answers.

I didn't like this as much as I expected, but that's just me not being big on dystopias. The diversity was great: Regan is asexual (probably demisexual, based on the way he describes it), there's an f/f/f established relationship and two characters are non-binary, with they/them pronouns.

The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley

The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley (The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, which I talked about here) was excellent. Merrick goes on an expedition to Peru to smuggle quinine trees, which are used for the treatment of malaria.

I thought this was m/m, like TWoFS. 35 Goodreads users list it as LGBT and I've seen it recced as m/m on Twitter as well. ‾\_(ツ)_/‾ So I was a little disappointed when my ship (Merrick/Raphael) didn't become canon. Still, it was a lovely friendship story and I liked it even more than TWoFS.

Keita Mori, from TWoFS, plays a minor role in The Bedlam Stacks. The books are independent, but if you intend to read them both, it's better to read them in publication order, i.e. to start with TWoFS.

The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth, the Chinese sci-fi blockbuster, is now available internationally on Netflix. It's based on a story by Liu Cixin. I've never read anything by him, but he's famous enough in the sci-fi world that I recognise his name.

I wasn't convinced by the trailer, but nemophilist recommended the movie enthusiastically, so I decided to give it a try. It was impressive and much better than I expected. I thought it needed some suspension of disbelief, though.

Shadowhunters finale

The Shadowhunters finale was amazing. I'll miss this show.

SpoilersCollapse )

Note that this show never killed any of its LGBT characters, which is oh so rare.

The Protector Season 2

I've watched the second season of The Protector, the Turkish Netflix show.

SpoilersCollapse )

Ardulum by JS Fields

Ardulum by JS Fields was fascinating. Neek is exiled from her homeworld for not believing in the Ardulans (an alien species that her people worship as Gods). Then she meets a girl who might very well be one of them.

This is f/f telepathy, a genre I adore. ♥ If you do too, also check out The Gardener's Hand by Felicia Davin, which I talked about here.

This trilogy has a variety of alien species. Some are close to humans, others couldn't be any more different. The Risalians are agender and use xe/hir pronouns. Several species have a third gender called gatoi, with zie/zir pronouns.

The Immortal Empire by Kate Locke

The Immortal Empire by Kate Locke was great. Aristocrats are vampires and werewolves. Queen Victoria, a vampire, still rules over Britain to this day. Xandra, a half-vampire, investigates the disappearance of her sister.

This is present-time steampunk. I remember someone asking me about this genre once and all I could think of was the Red-Verse of Fringe. This trilogy fits the bill as well. It makes for a cool worldbuilding.

Xandra's other sister has a girlfriend. They only have a few scenes, mostly in the first book, but they're cute together. <3 I also enjoyed the main m/f pairing.

Avengers 4

Today I went to see Avengers 4. It was impressive, but a bit too long. It could have been half an hour shorter pretty easily. Fortunately, I managed to avoid all spoilers.

SpoilersCollapse )

There was no mid/post-credits scene.

Huge in France

I've watched the Netflix show Huge in France, starring Gad Elmaleh. In case you were wondering, it's true, he's super famous here. Matthew del Negro (Scott's dad in Teen Wolf) is also in this.

The show wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, but I enjoyed it. I liked the characters with all their imperfections. I hope there'll be a second season.


There’s a new friending meme going on here. :-)