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Kings: Retribution

I was not supposed to write Kings fanfiction, but the muse was of a different opinion. Enjoy! ^_^

Title: Retribution
Pairing: Jack/David
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4010
Summary: After David barely escapes another assassination attempt, he finds an unexpected ally in Jack.
Disclaimer: Kings isn't mine, it belongs to NBC.

David was lying on a hospital bed, his face pale, bags under his eyes, but a smile on his lips: "The doctors said I was going to be fine, Mum, don't worry."

Jessie sat close to the bed, holding her son's hand. Her eyes were still red from crying. "How can I not worry, David? This city is going to kill you! You're not made for this world. Look where it has taken you. You've been unconscious for three days, we thought you were going to die. As soon as you're getting better, you're coming home with me, I don't want you to stay here."

"You know I can't. I can make a difference here. If not, why would Gath have tried to shoot me?"

"They haven't just tried, David, they have succeeded, and if they had aimed a little better, they would have shot you in the heart. I don't care why these men tried to kill you, all I want is for you to be safe, and that will never happen as long as you stay in Shiloh."

"I'll think about it, that's all I can promise you. But I'm sure I can change things here, and that's important too."

Jessie shook her head: "I wish I could make you understand."


Michelle came to visit David two days later. They hadn't talked much in the last few weeks, but David was glad to see her. That meant they were still friends, even though she was not interested in more.

"How are you feeling? I talked to your mother and she said you were being obstinate, so you were probably getting better."

"I feel like I've been trampled by a whole army, but yes, I'm alive."

"I'm sorry," she said in a whisper.

She looked so sad, almost guilty, that David couldn't help but ask: "What for? It's not your fault."

She paused for a second before answering: "No, of course not. But I'm sorry that you had to suffer. There's an investigation going on to find the culprit, so we should have names soon."

"I was interrogated yesterday – only lightly, and my mother was already giving them hell for disturbing someone in my state – but I don't know anything. It all happened so fast, I didn't see anyone."

"The contrary would have been surprising. Well, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me."

"I know, thank you."


A visit he certainly didn't expect, though, was from Jack. The Prince made himself comfortable on the armchair next to the window as if he owned the place. He probably did, in a way.

"So, my sister told me that our national hero was awake! Does it hurt much?"

"They're giving me too many drugs for that to happen. Which doesn't keep me from feeling dead."

"You are not, I can assure you that. And no thanks to my father!"

"The military are doing their possible to find the sniper and who gave the order. I don't see what more your father could do."

"Oh! I see. So you have no idea who tried to assassinate you?"

"Someone from Gath, obviously, it all comes down to them, but it's not necessarily their leaders," David assumed.

"But if it's not necessarily the leaders, it could be someone from Gilboa too?" Jack continued.

"I guess so. Do you have any leads?"

"More than leads, my friend, more than leads. I know who ordered it, but you won't like it."

David glared at Jack: "I rarely like being shot! If you know anything, I want you to tell me about it."

Jack was looking through the window when he said: "My father."

"What? You're lying! Why would he do that? I've always been on his side."

"Oh, calm down, Princess! I told you you were not going to like it." Jack looked straight at David and David saw anger and sadness in his eyes. He knew then that Jack was telling him the truth. "My father is ruthless! I don't know what you imagined about him. Did you think he was a fair leader, a fair King? Once he's used his cards, he discards them so that they can't turn against him. Be certain that he makes no exception!"

David's look darkened: "Well, he's made his first mistake, because I'm still alive and definitely not on this murderer's side any more!"

Jack grinned: "I'm glad we're on the same wavelength here."

"Just a question…" David added with a thoughtful tone.

"Yes? What is it?"

"Your sister? She knew about this, didn't she?" Her guilty look now made sense, she had known that her father was responsible for David's state.

"Not officially, no. But she knows our father well, so she might suspect him."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me just yet, this is only the beginning. I'll have a room arranged for you. You can't just return to your place when you leave the hospital. It wouldn't do for you to be shot a second time. For now, all you have to think about is get better."


The week after, Jack came back to see David with five boxes of chocolate.

"You're still here for some time, so I thought I'd bring you decent food."

"I doubt this is considered a balanced diet."

"Hey, you need to have some fun in life! It's not the chocolates that will kill you," Jack commented while looking at David's bandages. "And since we're on the topic, Princess, I wanted to know if you were still in."

David looked confused: "In what?"

"Last week, you said that you weren't on my father's side any more."

"Of course not!" David growled.

"Well, I've talked with William, my uncle."

"The one whose son was exiled from Court by the King?"

"How do you know that?"

"We've got televisions in Port Prosperity too, you know. Your father decidedly spreads happiness all around him," David added bitterly.

"It had to bite him back one day. And that day has come. William was horrified by what happened to you and he has decided to use his fortune to back me up."

"To back you up for what?"

"To become the new King of Gilboa. A little earlier than I would normally have. We're organising a coup, David. We can't let a tyrant on the throne! Are you with us?"

David was shocked for a moment. Then, he felt a thrilling pain from his wound and thought of all the people who had died in a war that would not have happened with a different King on the throne.

"I'm in. I'll help you make a better world. Your father will fall!"

Later, Jack was smiling when he entered the long black car stationed on the other side of the road, not far from the hospital.

"How did it go?" William asked him.

"Just as planned," Jack smiled.

"Perfect! You know we'll need him to get the people's approval."

"My father had him shot, how did you expect him to react?"


David was released from the hospital two weeks later. Jessie had offered to be there to help him on the first days, even though David had refused to come back home with her, but David had told her that it was not necessary, that a friend would take care of him.

"You're not in good shape yet," Jack noted as they walked slowly through the hospital corridors.

"I'm fine, don't worry. They can't keep me forever, they need to make room for other patients."

"You mean they were already bored with you?"

David laughed. "Are you?"

"Not yet, but I most likely will be once we've accomplished what we've settled to do."

"I'm sure I can surprise you," David retorted.

An elevator took them down to the car park and Jack led David to a red Ferrari.

"How discreet!" David commented.

"That's one of my personal cars. Princes don't do discreet," Jack replied. He turned the music loud and drove fast out of the car park. "I'm taking you to one of my apartments. You'll be safe there. Nobody will know about it."

The apartment in question turned out to be a penthouse practically as big as David's home in Port Prosperity.

"I don't know what to say. It's amazing!"

"The perks of being the Crown Prince! There are three bedrooms, so choose the bed you find the most comfortable. You'd better be careful with your injury. There's food in the kitchen, as well as some numbers for deliveries. Do you have everything you need?"

"Yes, thank you. I still spend a lot of time sleeping anyway."

"I'll be back in a couple of days. We couldn't be seen together too often in the hospital, but here, there is no risk."


The next time Jack came to see David, he was wearing his military uniform.

"I'm between two meetings, so I didn't get changed," Jack answered David's silent question.

David blushed at having been caught staring. "I don't mind."

"I think it's time for some briefing. I hope you have a good memory because I obviously can't write you down a report on who's with us and who's not, the latter having to remain unaware of the situation if we want to stay alive. You're probably going to recognise a few names, since you've already met some of these men, but there will be a lot of new ones too."

"I'll do my best."

"Doing your best is not enough, you have to be the best! …and I should stop talking like my father for once. Don't worry, Princess, you don't have to meet any of these people for now, I'm dealing with that. All you have to know is that you're mentioned in those conversations, so you can't back down any more."

"And what do you tell them about me?"

"That you're siding with us. Your opinion matters more than you think. You have earned the respect of the public during the war against Gath, and even more so now that you've nearly been assassinated."

"What matters is that your father is a killer! The people won't accept that."

"Oh, they can accept a lot. They even accepted the war against Gath, reluctantly, but they accepted it. You need charismatic figures to sway the public. And that's also how we will win generals to our side. There are those who will remain loyal to my father till the end, because they fear changes and because they fear him, but there are others who will follow us to make this kingdom better!"


From then on, Jack came to the penthouse every three or four days and reported to David his discussions with the generals. Some were hesitant, but a lot of them had disapproved of the King's inconsistent war policy and were ready to support a younger (and probably more pliable) pretender. It could only help that the Queen's brother and the nation's hero were supporting the Prince.

"I'm glad that everything's working out with the generals, but I've been thinking about it, and if we want the complete support of the public, we'll need more than that," David remarked.

"Interesting. And what would that be, Princess?"

"For now, we're planning to save them from the King's tyranny. But what do we have to offer them after that? We need measures to improve what's flawed in the current system. A better health care system, for instance."

Jack suddenly glared at David: "Isn't that my sister's big theory?"

"Yes, it is. Is that a problem?"

"We should promote our own ideas or it wouldn't be as meaningful!"

"She still has a point." David noticed that Jack was still glaring at him. "What? Oh! Are you jealous?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"I am not!"

"Yes, you…" David ended up pinned against the wall. He stared at Jack and grinned: "You don't need to be, you know." And that was how he found himself pressed even more against the wall, with Jack's right thigh against his legs and Jack's tongue in his mouth. Not that he was complaining.

This quickly evolved into the two of them dropping clothes all around the room until they reached the closest bedroom. David barely realised that it wasn't the one where he slept, there was a bed in it and that was all they needed. Jack took a box of condoms and a tube of lubricant out of the top drawer of the bedside table. The Party Prince's penthouse was definitely well equipped. Jack pushed David onto the bed, settled between his legs and inserted an oily finger inside David. David gasped. He didn't want to wait, but they couldn't rush things. Still, it seemed that Jack felt the same impatience, as he soon added a second finger. David started at the intrusion, but it only felt weird, it didn't hurt. At this stage, Jack took the time to prepare him properly and David soon felt pleasure from the other man's fingers moving inside him. Jack inserted a third finger and continued his ministrations for a short while.

Then he quickly put on a condom, and without a word, he entered David. David needed a little time to adjust, but as soon as he said he was okay, Jack started pounding into him, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. It hurt a little, but David had known pain in the previous weeks and this wasn't it. This was just Jack being rough, Jack was strong and David realised that he enjoyed that. He soon moved in rhythm with Jack's thrusts, searching for more sensations. Everything became more and more intense, the pleasure increasing fast inside David, and Jack didn't even need to touch his cock before David came all over the other man's belly. Jack grunted and joined him a few seconds later.

He slipped out of David after a couple of minutes and threw away the condom. He wiped his belly with a handkerchief and handed it to David. Then he dragged the covers over David's naked body and proceeded to dress up.


After that, their briefing sessions were systematically followed by quick shagging. That had the advantage, apart from being very pleasant, to relax the Prince who tended to get more and more edgy with the coup approaching.

"You're going back to work tomorrow, Princess. I'm pretty sure that my father won't try to assassinate you there, it would be too obvious, but try to be cautious. You shouldn't stay outside for too long, use your wound as an excuse if necessary."

"I'll be careful. I don't intend to play his games, we are too close to our goal!"

"Once you're in the Palace, you need to have a discreet word with General Hadar. He keeps giving me trouble, but he seems to appreciate you, so you might be able to make him support us fully."

"I've met him once, you can count on me, I'll make him change his mind," David said with determination.


"David, I heard you were coming back today! How are you feeling?"

David hadn't planned on meeting King Silas, but he should have expected that the King would pretend to be interested in his health. Or rather he was interested in it, as long as it was getting worse.

David put on his biggest smile and looked at the King in the eye: "I'm perfectly fine now, your Majesty, thank you for asking. I've been told that no advances had been made in the investigation."

"No, unfortunately, but you can be assured that the case will remain open until we've found something. I want all my subjects to feel safe in my Kingdom. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have affairs to attend to."

Other people had taken charge of David's work while he was injured, so he found himself with not much to do, which left him time to track down General Hadar's office. His secretary informed him that the General was in a meeting and that he could take an appointment, but not before the following week. David thanked the man and left the room. He hanged around the corridor, and fortunately, fifteen minutes later, the General left his office with a group of people.

"David, you're back among us," the General commented. He turned to his subordinates: "Go ahead, I wish to have a few words with him. I will join you afterwards." Then, back to David: "Come to my office, young man."

Once the door was closed, the General didn't waste any time: "I've been having dubious exchanges with the Crown Prince, who told me that you were supporting him. I am very interested in your opinion on the matter. Why should I join your little coup?"

"I'm sure you want to stay alive for a very long time, General."

"Are you threatening me, young fool!" the General exclaimed.

David showed a soothing smile. "I am not, General. The King is. I'm sure the Prince has informed you that King Silas has attempted to assassinate me. I was one of his loyal subjects. If a King can attack his own allies, then how do you know where he puts the line? How do you know that you're not the next one?"

"And you think Prince Jack will be a better King than his father?"

"Definitely. I am aware of the Prince's bad reputation, but it is only that, a reputation. He does not go around killing his own people."

"And why should I risk myself in joining you? Your little coup could fail."

"Oh, it won't. And you know it, or you wouldn't be here arguing with me. We've talked once before and I've understood that you want changes in this Kingdom. We'll bring you these changes. We are what you are looking for, General."

"You're very impressive, young man. With you at his side, I indeed believe that the Prince will manage to take the throne from his father, for the good of all of us."


With only one day left before the coup, Jack was pacing across the penthouse, reviewing all the details, more for himself than for David who already knew them by heart.

"Jack, it's going to be fine," David said with an appeasing tone.

"Of course, it will be. We are well prepared, but it's always better to check everything one last time. What if there were a problem with the generals? We should think of another option."

"There won't be a problem with the generals. I've talked with some of them and they support us. Even General Hadar wasn't as reluctant as he was trying to make you believe."

"You're right, we are ready!" Jack declared with a proud smile.

David walked to Jack: "Tomorrow, we're going to create a better world. Together." He put his hand on Jack's cheek and pressed a kiss to his lips. Jack's lips parted and David's tongue slowly caressed the other man's, in the most gentle kiss that they had shared so far.

David took Jack by the wrist and led him to his own bedroom. He started to unbutton Jack's shirt and Jack imitated him. While they were undressing each other, they also began exploring each other's bodies, touching and kissing warm skin. Then, David walked to the bedside table and took the condoms and the lubricant that were stored in this one.

"Will you let me?" David asked with a bright smile.

Jack looked at him and grinned: "I'm all yours."

Jack lay down on David's bed and spread his legs, inviting. David took Jack's member in his hand and started to lick it from base to tip. Then, he sucked on the tip while inserting a finger inside the other man. He spent a lot of time doing only this and Jack shivered with need. David slowly inserted a second finger while sucking on more of Jack's length. After a little time, his fingers found a sensitive area inside Jack and the other man couldn't help but moan loudly. David kept this pace for a few more minutes until he added a third finger, stroking Jack's balls to take his mind off any discomfort. Jack squirmed and insisted that he was ready, but David waited until he was sure.

David then let Jack unroll the condom on his cock. Jack's fingers felt so good, but David resisted the tempting pleasure. He positioned himself above Jack and entered him very slowly. Under Jack's complaints that he was as ready as he would ever be, David gave up and started moving inside the other man. He increased the rhythm little by little, and Jack encouraged him once again. David laughed softly, leant towards Jack and kissed him to keep him quiet. It worked better than expected and David went a little bit faster to reward him. Jack was now moaning under him, the pleasure building fast in his body. David finally accelerated his movements and took hold of Jack's cock at the same time. That was the last touch Jack's sensitised skin needed and his pleasure reached its peak and exploded in waves. David pushed into him a few more times and soon orgasm hit him too.

He fell on Jack's body, panting and wearing the same satisfied smile as Jack. They exchanged a few kisses and David barely had the time to slip out of Jack and take off the used condom before they both fell asleep.


The Palace's Entrance, 9.50 am

The royal guards wondered what was happening when unscheduled military force entered the Palace. At that point, they saw the Prince and David and saluted them. David smiled at them and saluted back. They liked David, he was nice. If the Prince and David were present, there was no problem and they most likely had just not been informed of the military movements of the day.

The Court Room, 10.00 am

"I demand to know what this is!" King Silas shouted.

Soldiers had invaded the room and most of the generals sitting at Court didn't seem surprised in the least.

"Father, this is the end of your reign!" Jack announced from the entrance of the room.

"Jack, what are you doing? You have gone mad! Arrest him! He's plotting against the Crown! Why is nobody reacting?"

"Nobody's reacting, my dear father, because the few people who would still support your reign are aware they are in the minority and are intelligent enough to stay quiet."

But the King quickly spotted the solution to this problem. "David, I'm glad to see you here. You need to reason my son. He has turned crazy!"

"I am deeply sorry, your Majesty, but the fact that you tried to assassinate me tends to make me think that your son would make a better King than you."

The King looked at him with horror as he realised his mistakes.

"Arrest my father!" Jack ordered.

GbTV, 10.20 am

"Today, the reign of King Silas has ended. He was a murderer and a tyrant. He manipulated all of us to remain in power. But his son was brave enough to rise against him in order to create a better world. Now, people of Gilboa, you will have peace and freedom, prosperity and health… or at least a better health care system. Long live King Jack!" David concluded.

Jessie turned off the television. She would never have imagined that her son would support a military overthrow of the government. Shiloh had changed him so much, she couldn't recognise him any more. She should have forced him to come back home before it was too late.

The Cathedral of Shiloh, 3 days later

"Long live King Jack!" Reverend Samuels announced as he put the crown on Jack's head in front of thousands of people.

The Reverend knew that this wasn't what was originally supposed to happen, but even though Jack had managed to corrupt David, the truth was that, little by little, David was making Jack a better person.
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  • Jupiter's Legacy + Candombe Tango by Theodore Koshka

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