Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Cybermen are as uninteresting as the Daleks, but this episode makes up for it with: Doctorcest! ^^

10: "Is that your sonic screwdriver?"
Not!11: "Yes. I'd be lost without it."
10: "That's a screwdriver. How is it sonic?"
Not!11: "Well, it makes a noise." *taps on the wall* "That's sonic, isn't it?"

And the Tardis, OMG, I feared the worst but it was even beyond my expectations! XDDD


I went to buy my Prince Caspian DVD and it's all shiny! ^__^ Go figure why they're releasing it here the day after Christmas…

For now, I've watched the hidden bonuses and Skandar is made of win! :D


Happy Birthday, absolute_enigma! ^_^
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