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Merlin: Heritage

To make up for the lack of Merlin episode *in withdrawal*, here's a fic. I think the muse is getting to work only now because she was too busy reading awesome Merlin fics before. ^_^

In the legend, Merlin's father is an incubus. This has been surprisingly underexploited so far, so I decided to have a go at it.

Title: Heritage
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1520
Summary: Merlin's incubus heritage starts to awaken.
Disclaimer: Merlin isn't mine, this version belongs to the BBC.

It's summer when Merlin starts feeling hot. At first, he doesn't pay attention. Arthur makes him run all over the castle, doing one task after another without so much as a break, so there's nothing strange about it.

Three days later, the weather still hasn't changed, and Merlin starts wishing it wasn't so hot. A feast is organised to celebrate the beginning of the harvest and Arthur orders him to clean the clothes he wants to wear for the occasion. Merlin takes advantage of the job to put fresh water on his face and his neck. The water slowly trickles along his back and his chest. It's heavenly and he forgets momentarily about the heat.

In the evening, he goes to the feast to serve Arthur. Uther, probably turned mad by the heat, requests that Morgana and Arthur have a dance together. Surprisingly, at no moment do they try to strangle each other. Merlin thinks it's probably another effect of the heat. They dance with grace and majesty and Merlin can't keep his eyes off them. The heat rises and he feels like his body's burning. The room is crowded, that must explain the temperature rise.

The day after, Arthur asks Merlin to come train with him. Merlin complains that it's too hot for that, but Arthur is a knight and will not let anything of the sort stop him. Merlin keeps being beaten by Arthur, but that's nothing unusual, and as expected, he feels even hotter than before. He doesn't really notice that the burning is more intense each time Arthur helps him get back up.

But they live in Camelot and the rain is back after a week. Merlin welcomes it like never before, even when he was helping his mother in the fields and their food depended on it. He stays in the rain, his arms raised towards the sky in victory, while everybody runs to shelter. The water cools his bare skin, then his clothes get soaked, soothing his entire body. It's a chance Uther doesn't see him or he would probably think him mad and have him beheaded. No, it's Gwen who finds him there and takes him back to Gaius' quarters, worrying for his health.

Gaius berates him like a child and gives him a towel. Merlin dries himself and realises that the heat is still there. He can feel that the air in the room is cooler, but his body is still hot. He mentions it to Gaius, who puts his hand on Merlin's forehead, berates him once more and gives him a potion against colds. But it doesn't have any effect. The next day, Merlin feels just as hot, and yet he doesn't cough nor shows any other symptom. At night, he tosses and turns in his bed, throwing the sheets away, and only manages to fall asleep because he's tired by the day's chores. The day after, it's still the same.

That's when Gaius suggests that his magic might be causing this. Merlin thinks about it. He's never felt anything like that before, so it's as good an explanation as any other. He decides to consult the Dragon about it.

"Ha! It is time for you and the young Pendragon to join your destinies," is the answer he gets. He notes that the Dragon is smirking.

"I thought they were already joined," Merlin replies.

"Linked, yes. Joined, not fully yet." And the Dragon flies away laughing. Merlin knew he wouldn't be helpful.

The rain stops and the temperature rises again, but not excessively. Merlin keeps feeling hot, though, whether he does all the tasks Arthur gives him or he hides in Gaius' quarters. Then, Arthur decides to go on a hunting trip. Merlin wants to complain but remains quiet. At this point, he knows that the exertion won't make him any hotter than he already is. They leave at dawn, the air is still fresh, and yet Merlin is burning like never before. He keeps fidgeting, drinking water from his flask and crushing noisy twigs because he doesn't look where he's walking when he's drinking.

"Enough!" Arthur exclaims as they reach a clearing. "Let's take a break. Merlin, what's with you today? You're terrible, even more so than usual, if that's possible."

Merlin sits down on the ground and takes another swig of water. He doesn't think he's ever felt that hot, even in the previous days.

"Why do you keep drinking? Are you ill? You look quite pale."

Merlin looks Arthur in the eye. "No, I'm not ill. I don't know. I've just been feeling hot for a couple of weeks. And my body feels weird."

Arthur looks shocked, as if Merlin has just told him he's a wizard. He hasn't, has he? 'My body feels weird' can't be Camelot code for 'I'm a wizard.' He would know otherwise. Of course, Gaius suspects that this is all caused by his magic, but if Gaius doesn't know the exact cause, there is no way Arthur can guess it with just a simple sentence. So why is Arthur looking at him like that?

And then, Arthur tackles him, his hands are all over Merlin's body and his mouth is on Merlin's. And Merlin's body or his magic or something inside him understands this on a deep level, because it all suddenly makes sense and the fever concentrates between his legs, where Arthur's hand is pressing. Merlin's moan is loud and his body trembles.

Arthur looks at him with raw lust and starts taking off his shirt, revealing his muscled torso. Merlin wants to do the same but he feels weak and can hardly move. His thoughts must have strayed for a moment, because Arthur is suddenly naked and helping him take off his own clothes. Merlin realises how wrong it is that the Crown Prince is helping his manservant undress, but he can't get himself to care.

Arthur is now kissing his chest and his neck and his mouth and Merlin wants more. He can feel Arthur's hardness against his thigh and he throws himself upwards. His member brushes against Arthur's stomach and it feels good, for the very short time that it lasts. But Arthur understands the message, moves up along Merlin's body and starts rubbing against him.

"Arthur! Oh, Arthur!" Merlin moans.

"Merlin!" Arthur's voice is hoarse and resonates through his body.

Merlin has never experienced so much pleasure before, and the burning sensation keeps increasing, but at the same time he's filled with a new strength. He puts his arms around Arthur's neck and drags him closer, their whole bodies now touching, and he feels like his skin is on fire. Arthur's aura is all around him, mixing with his own, and it's like they're being one. Two sides of the same coin. Now he understands.

Arthur moves desperately against him. He's getting close, and so is Merlin. The heat is boiling inside him and he knows his body can't contain it any longer. And suddenly a hand grabs him, holding his length and Arthur's together, and the pleasure is shockingly strong. Orgasm rushes over them at the same time and everything melts around them.

When Merlin opens his eyes, Arthur is smiling at him. He looks gorgeous, lying over Merlin and still panting.

"You know, Merlin, we might have finally found something you're actually good at. That's the most amazing sex I've ever had. Though I'm exhausted. I feel completely drained. You, on the contrary, look much better than earlier." There's a pause of realisation, but Merlin feels too sated to notice it in time. "Oh! So that's what it was! You drained me of my energy!"

"What?" He doesn't understand what Arthur is talking about. And yet there's something about this. Magic was involved. He never noticed, but something magical happened, and he ended up stealing Arthur's energy. No! He was supposed to protect Arthur. "I… I would never harm you." But it's too late. That's what he did and Arthur knows now.

"Well, I suppose you didn't do it on purpose, and it felt exceptionally good, so I won't send you to the stocks for this once. But next time you want to try this little trick of yours, you'd better warn me properly. I don't mind sharing my wonderful manliness with you, but I'd like to know about it beforehand."

"I don't… understand," Merlin says in nothing more than a whisper.

"Nothing new here. You're not exactly the most brilliant person I know."

"So you're not going to execute me?" Merlin asks with a frown.

"Merlin, Merlin, Merlin… Think for a second. If I haven't had you executed so far, I'm certainly not going to do it now that we've found a good use for your powers. And will you please stop looking like an idiot. It's a pity there's no mirror here to show you how stupid you look right now."

But despite the teasing words, Arthur leans towards Merlin and presses a kiss to his lips. Merlin feels a light warmth settle inside his stomach, but the heat doesn't come back for now.
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