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Original Fic: Diary Of A Superhero: Chapter 12

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Title: Diary Of A Superhero: Chapter 12
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2012; 24,842 so far
Summary: Life can get complicated when you have to juggle between going to high school, being a superhero and getting a boyfriend.

Tuesday, May 24

The Wizards are patrolling again, so The Hawks didn't go out tonight. It feels good to take a night off. I'm exhausted, and so is Cleo. Alejandro is much more resilient thanks to his powers, so that was less of a problem for him, but we all need to study. The team will now be able to resume a slower schedule.

Friday, May 27

Our school organised a special day of prevention against drugs, alcohol and tobacco. There were big posters in the halls, and tables with various flyers and documents available on them. I think we're too old for that, but some classes were cancelled, so I'm not complaining. A few specialists came to do a two-hour presentation several times during the day, and my grade attended the session during the first half of the afternoon. Right in the middle of digestion time. I'm not sure many of us paid attention to the whole thing.

Cleo came to see me during the break afterwards and we went to chat in the backyard. "I think it was interesting," she commented. "Their messages were pretty shocking, that should make people more careful."

"I don't know, some people are way past that stage. Well, with our powers and activities, we don't really have a choice about being cautious."

"If it's not a good idea to smoke when you do sports, imagine when you're fighting crime. It's not like we have time to get our breath back in the middle of a fight."

"And imagine if we were high!" I added with a laugh.

"Maybe the criminals would be so traumatised that they would surrender."

"Now, that's an original strategy."

I noticed Sean walking towards us, but once he got closer, he slowed down, hesitant. I waved him to join us.

"Am I interrupting a private conversation?"

"It's a private conversation, but you're not interrupting," Cleo answered with a smile. "Superhero talk."

"We were discussing the negative effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco on superheroes," I specified.

"They didn't mention that in the presentation. What a terrible oversight!" Sean replied with a mock nod.

"And that concerned a larger part of their audience than they would think," Cleo remarked.

I laughed. "Fortunately, we're very reasonable students."

"Sometimes, one might wonder about that," Sean said while looking pointedly at me.

Saturday, May 28

Today we did some two-on-one training. Even like that, Alejandro didn't have too much trouble winning… Actually, I think the training was more effective on my teamwork with Cleo than on our fighting skills. Well, it was good in any case.

In the evening, we went patrolling and we caught a pickpocket in action. It's a chance Butterfly has great eyesight, because I hadn't noticed anything wrong. I guess that proves the guy was good at his work. Or that the victim was particularly naive. She had a handbag with a large opening and her wallet was probably well in sight. The thief didn't even have to touch her, he just bumped into the bag and helped himself.

The three of us landed in front of the pickpocket and, surprisingly, he proved to be very conciliatory. He handed us the woman's wallet and Butterfly flew to her to give it back. That didn't stop us from calling the police, but we mentioned that the guy had cooperated with us. That kind of things is usually taken into account.

Sunday, May 29

Jim, Madison and I went to the amusement park today. We had been talking about it during the week, and since the weather was as wonderful as announced, we confirmed by phone and met in the queue. We had to wait for half an hour, and it was a little annoying, even though it's always worse in the summer. But afterwards we had a great time. It's funny how I can move from one building to another with a grappling hook, but some of the rides are even more frightening than that. Technically, I know they're safer, but my brain doesn't seem to agree with that concept.

Also, we ate a lot of candy floss. I liked that as a kid. Now, I'm almost indifferent to it, but it's a traditional part of the fun.

Wednesday, June 1

Sean's parents weren't home, so he invited me. We hadn't been able to meet last weekend, but I knew he was fully healed, the Wizards were even back in action, and I was hoping we could go… the whole way. It turned out that Sean had been thinking about it too, which was all very exciting.

Except he was so nervous that it messed up his power and he turned intangible several times while I was preparing him… And then I was so frustrated that I burnt his bedside lamp. It was a little disastrous, but hilarious too, in a way. That didn't even stop us because, at that point, nothing could stop us any more. So we did it. I made love to him. And that was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me!

Thursday, June 2

I was taking things from my locker when Sean appeared next to me and leant against the adjoining lockers, trying to hide a smile. "Hey!" he simply said.

I looked at him for a seemingly long moment, fighting my own grin, then looked back to my books to check I had everything I needed. "Hey, yourself!"

It was like no more words were needed between us, I could almost feel our bond in the air. Then, I looked at him again and we both burst out laughing, releasing a tension coming from too much seriousness.

"I had a great time yesterday. I'm looking forward to renewing the experience," he told me with a mischievous tone.

"Don't tempt me or I might show up at your door later today."

"You can't, my parents are back."

"I've faced greater enemies! You think I won't have the strength to throw them out?"

He laughed softly. "You make it sound like a good idea…"

"You mean it's not?"

Friday, June 3

Jim, Madison and I bought Greek food from a new shop we wanted to try. There wasn't any in this part of town before, and we avoid to go too far between classes, so we only ate some when we were going out during weekends or holidays. It's not the easiest thing to digest, but it's really good.

Monday, June 6

This morning, I heard on the radio that Darkthread had escaped from jail with Reflection. Reflection is a villain with the power to make himself invisible. This doesn't bode well for the city.

Later, at school, Sean told me that we needed to talk and asked me to come to his place after classes. I grinned at that, but he rolled his eyes and added that it was for professional purposes only. That didn't keep him from smiling too, though.

So I went to his place and his mother let me in. She's pretty and seems very nice. She showed me to Sean's room… as if I didn't know where it is! Well, she doesn't know about that, of course. She left us alone and I approached Sean. I slipped my fingers through his wavy brown hair, enjoying the feel of it, and gave him a passionate kiss.

He let me for a little time, then got away from me: "Stop that, my mother's in the next room."

"It was only a kiss," I replied with a seducing tone.

"That's what everybody says before ending up in bed. Anyway, we need to talk about Darkthread and Reflection. I guess you know they escaped from jail?"

"Yes, I heard about it on the radio this morning."

"So you haven't been contacted by the Headquarters?"

"No, but we weren't contacted last time either. I don't see why they would do it now."

"The situation is a bit different this time. The Invincible and a few others are out of town on a complex mission, they can't come back now. I don't know if Darkthread and Reflection had the information or if it's just a coincidence, but someone needs to take care of them. Since we're part of those contacted by the Headquarters, I thought your team would be too. There's not a big level difference between us, and The Hawks have experience fighting Darkthread."

"You know we'll patrol anyway. Well, there goes my revision time…"

He smiled and added: "I had a different idea, actually. From what I've heard, fighting Darkthread wasn't particularly easy, and now we're up against two of them. We're not that powerful, so I thought the best strategy was to team up against them, The Hawks and The Wizards. What do you think?"

"Whoa! Wait a minute! I'm okay with the theory, but is Thinblade aware of your plan? Because I doubt he's going to like it."

"I haven't talked to him yet. I wanted your opinion first."

"There's no problem with The Hawks. I'll ask Butterfly and Stronghold, of course, but I know what their answer will be. And they'll wonder about Thinblade too."

"Don't worry about him, he's not stupid, I'll convince him."

"If you say so…"

"You could put more trust in me," he protested.

I replied with a quick kiss on his lips. We decided that our teams would meet tomorrow night on a rooftop (not our rooftop, of course) to discuss working together.

Tuesday, June 7

I talked to Cleo during a break. As expected, she was okay with working with Sean, but had doubts about Thinblade. We also phoned Alejandro and he answered that he would be at the meeting point.

When I arrived, Stronghold was already there, and Butterfly joined us soon after. We chatted for some time before The Wizards arrived together. I guess they had had a private talk somewhere else before, so that Sean could more or less convince Thinblade to work with us.

"Nightghost thinks it would be better to team up to face Reflection and Darkthread. While the idea is not bad, I don't know why he chose you of all people to work with us. Especially you, Thunderskin, since you almost got him killed last time!"

I gritted my teeth, because in a way I felt responsible for what had happened that night.

"Thinblade, I don't think it's the right time to argue about that again with Nightghost," Eyeblink intervened.

That surprised me and I looked at Sean. He was keeping quiet, but he seemed really angry.

"Well, it needed to be said, whether you like it or not," Thinblade replied.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" I heard Butterfly whisper behind me.

"Now that this is out of the way, let's talk about the current problem: Reflection and Darkthread," Thinblade said with a serious tone. It seems that he could act like a leader from time to time, after all. "This is going to be a hard fight, so we need all the help we can gather. We agree to fight with The Hawks, if it's all right with you."

"We wouldn't be here if we weren't okay with that. We'll fight with you," I answered to him.

"Perfect!" Nightghost commented as he removed his cowl.

"What are you doing?" Thinblade exclaimed.

"We can't have good teamwork without a little trust. I didn't tell you before, because I knew you wouldn't like it, but they already know me, and I know them. And I think now is a good time to complete the introductions."

"He's right," Eyeblink added before taking off his own cowl. His hair was dark and short. "I'm Max, by the way."

We all removed our masks until only Thinblade was left. He kept glaring at Sean.

"If you don't want to do it, nobody's forcing you," Cleo said with a touch of disdain.

"Come on, Brendon, don't make the lady wait," Max teased him.

Thinblade sighed and finally took off his cowl, revealing sandy hair and green eyes. He's quite good-looking, for a jerk.
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