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X-Men: Pullup, The Mutant Marshmallow

Here's my entry for the Crack-A-Thon at dry_ice. Have fun! ^_^

Title: Pullup, The Mutant Marshmallow
Pairing: John/Bobby
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1843
Prompt: 10. Tentacle porn
Summary: The X-Men bring a strange creature to the manor. Bobby and John are in for a surprise.
Disclaimer: X-Men isn't mine.

It had all started on a Tuesday morning, when the X-Men had been called to the mall because a mutant was scaring the customers away. They had come back to the manor with a little creature that looked like a pink octopus. Scott had mentioned that it was the first time he had seen a mutant animal. John had replied that it looked more like a mutant marshmallow. Xavier, who had been able to feel some vague impressions from the creature's mind, had suggested it wasn't mutant but came from another planet.

The creature had then jumped from Ororo's to Bobby's arms and chirped: "Pullup." Since it kept saying the same word, Bobby had decided to call it (1) Pullup and John had answered that it was lame. After that, Pullup had spent the week following Bobby to his classes and trainings, springing behind him on its little tentacles or settling down comfortably on the boy's head. The girls were practically cooing over the cute creature, but it seemed to prefer Bobby's company.

It was now Sunday morning. Bobby had slept in and John had already left when Bobby woke up. He said hello to Pullup and wondered if it had become bigger during the night. No, that was stupid. He dismissed the idea quickly, thinking that he probably just needed some coffee. He walked to the bathroom for a quick shower and came back to the room with only a towel around his waist. No, really, Pullup had become bigger, even more so than before he left the room.

Bobby sat on his bed and a tentacle rolled up his arm. "What are you doing, Pullup? Do you want to play?"


A second tentacle rolled up the boy's other arm. Bobby could see Pullup getting even bigger and its tentacles longer right in front of him. He wondered how this was possible. (2)

Two tentacles slowly slid down Bobby's legs. This was getting really weird. Pullup had never acted like that before and Bobby was wondering what was happening. Another tentacle rolled around his waist and his towel fell on the ground.

"Pullup," the creature chirped.

"Pullup, I need to get up now. We'll play later."

The tentacles moved along his skin but didn't let go. The ones around his arms slid to his wrists and tugged with force. Bobby fell on his back, his wrists held above his head. One of the tentacles around his legs started to caress his ankle while the other one got up his thigh. The tentacle on his waist slowly stroked his belly.

Bobby then realised with horror that he was getting a hard-on. He struggled but the creature was stronger. All he got was a happy "Pullup." He thought of using his powers, but he was afraid of hurting the now-not-so-little creature. He should call for help, but he was in such a ridiculous position. John would make fun of him for years. Or he wouldn't want to talk to him ever again. What could he do? Should he call anyway?

"Somebo~!" That was when a tentacle slid deep into his mouth. He practically gagged on it, but the tentacle drew back a little. Then, it pushed again, going back and forth inside Bobby's mouth. Bobby couldn't help thinking that it felt like a kiss and his erection perked up even more.

The tentacle on his belly began to play with his navel and the one around his thigh got dangerously close to his erection, but without actually touching it. Bobby squirmed a little.

Then, a new tentacle slid down his back. It felt oily compared to the other ones. No, it wasn't going to…

"Pullup," the creature chirped.

The tentacle started to wiggle its way inside Bobby. (3) Bobby screamed at the intrusion, but the tentacle inside his mouth smothered the sound. It wasn't painful, but incredibly weird. He wanted it to stop. This could only be wrong. And then, the tentacle inside him reached his prostate and it was a scream of pleasure that the tentacle in his mouth smothered. Bobby bucked his hips, needing some friction on his cock, but there was nothing. He moaned desperately.

"Pullup," the creature seemed to answer.

One of the tentacles kept caressing his sensitive belly, and the tentacle inside him was sliding in and out with an increasing rhythm, driving him crazy. He bucked his hips once again. He needed more, his cock needed to be touched. Damn, he was having sex with a tentacle, with tentacles, actually, and all he could think about was that he wanted more.


A tentacle finally rolled around his cock. Bobby moaned loudly, letting the pleasure envelop him wholly. It felt so good, he was getting close, really close.

John opened the door.

John closed the door.

John opened the door again. He blinked, then entered the room with a grin and closed the door behind him.

"What have we got here? It looks like you're having fun with the mutant marshmallow, Drake. Do you need some help?"

Bobby realised that John couldn't understand his muttering, so he nodded enthusiastically. Meanwhile, a tentacle approached and tugged at John's clothes.


"Can't you say something else for a change?"

"Pullup." The tentacle kept tugging.

John was not particularly interested in what the creature wanted, but Bobby looked so debauched that he was irresistible. John took off his black T-shirt, exposing his pale chest to Bobby's hungry look. Then, he quickly took off his shoes, his socks and his trousers. Bobby could see that he was erect. Pullup tentatively slid a tentacle into John's underpants. John batted it away and glared at the creature.

"Back off if you don't want to get burnt."


"Don't 'pullup' me! And get away from my boyfriend!"

"Pullup," the creature answered with something like a sad tone.

The tentacle in Bobby's mouth, the one around his cock and the one inside him slowly got away. Bobby whimpered at the loss. He was surprised he hadn't lost his erection despite the situation. Having a clear view of John's hard-on certainly helped. The boy had now taken off his underpants and was standing right in front of him.

"John, we can't do that now," Bobby protested.

"Of course we can. You're actually doing it, so I don't see why I couldn't."


Bobby then realised that the tentacles around his arms and legs were still holding him. He struggled, but John smirked: "Stay like that, this is going to be fun." He brushed lightly against Bobby's cock and Bobby cried out.

"John, please!"


"You're the one who cheated on me with a mutant marshmallow, so you can't complain."

"What? But… but I didn't do anything."

"Exactly. You didn't do anything. You let it do what it wanted," John answered, sounding amused. He didn't even look angry.

"Please, Johnny!"

"You sound so desperate, Bobby," John chuckled.

"Well, I'd like to see you in my place."

John raised an eyebrow. "There would have been roasted marshmallow for breakfast."


Bobby struggled, trying again to free himself. "If you don't do anything right now, I'll ask Pullup to finish."

"Pullup," the creature seemed to approve.

John glared at the creature, then looked at Bobby: "All right, all right! So, I take it you don't need any more preparation?" he asked with a smile. He leant over Bobby, positioned himself and slowly pushed. Bobby tensed, but he knew he wouldn't need long to adjust to John's familiar body. This was so much better than a tentacle. Well, if he wanted to be honest with himself, the tentacle had felt good, but this was John, his roommate, his friend, his lover, and a mutant marshmallow couldn't be up to that.

Bobby tried to put his arms around John, but they were still held by the tentacles.

"Don't move," John whispered while kissing Bobby's neck. "You look hot like that." John's forefinger slowly slid from Bobby's neck to his chest, then to his navel. "And I'm sure it makes you feel good," he added with a grin.

Bobby moaned. Now that John was mentioning it, he realised that he rather enjoyed the position. But he still would have liked to be able to touch John.


Bobby felt good, really good. He needed more, he couldn't wait any more. "You can move now, John."

"No need to hurry," John answered. He seemed decided to torture Bobby. He kissed the other boy slowly. Bobby squirmed impatiently under him.

John then broke the kiss and started to thrust into Bobby. Bobby practically sighed with relief. He moved his hips to meet each one of John's thrusts. His body felt so hot and it wasn't only because of John's natural heat. He had never felt so desperate before. He wanted to touch himself but of course his wrists were still held.

"John, touch me, please!"

"Not yet."

"When? Next year? I need it now!" Bobby exclaimed.

John laughed: "Feisty, aren't we?"

He kept thrusting into Bobby without touching his cock. Bobby was burning. He needed to be touched so badly. He couldn't take it any more. But John wasn't listening to him and his own hands were bound so he couldn't do anything about it. He was going to die from the heat and John didn't even care. He kept thrusting again and again without touching Bobby's cock. Bobby whimpered desperately. John thrust into him harder. Then, he leant on one of his arms and started to stroke Bobby's cock without any warning. Bobby cried out and exploded from the pleasure.

When he woke up in John's arms later that morning, Bobby felt a little guilty that John had probably had to finish himself off, but he promised himself that he would make it up to his boyfriend sooner than later. This had just been the best orgasm of his life.

Pullup wasn't in their room any more. Actually, it was nowhere to be found. Bobby wondered if it was such a bad thing. He couldn't deny that the experience had been fun, but it had also been a little traumatising.

The girls had been really sad when they had learnt about Pullup's disappearance. Xavier told them that the creature had probably obtained what it wanted and decided to go back on the road. Bobby hadn't liked that explanation at all because it had sounded like the Professor knew exactly what had happened.

(1) After further examination, it had been determined that the creature was sexless, so Bobby kept using 'it' even though he always used 'he' or 'she' for his pets.

(2) Technically, pullups could multiply their cells at will. This explained why they were sexless. They could multiply their cells until generating clones of themselves, because the world always needed more tentacle porn.

(3) Some people tended to think that pullups fed on sperm or sexual energy. They were wrong. Pullups actually fed on mushrooms. They just liked tentacle porn very much.

No pullups were injured during the making of this fic.
Tags: fic, x-men

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