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Hero: Chasing The Ball

I couldn't resist writing a little something on Thom and Goran. Enjoy! ^_^

Title: Chasing The Ball
Pairing: Goran/Thom
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 780
Summary: Thom and Goran resume their basketball training sessions.
Disclaimer: Hero isn't mine.

I was heading to the gym, humming to myself. I hadn't realised how much I had missed this until Goran had asked me if I wanted to train again with him. Basketball had always been a part of my life and it had hurt more than I expected when I had been thrown away from the team. But then I had started playing with Goran and it had been wonderful. Well, okay, it wasn't wonderful only because it was basketball. The fact that I had fallen in love with Goran helped. And now that we were going to play again together, I couldn't contain my excitement.

I entered the building and saw that Goran's team were still in the middle of training. I spotted Goran at once. He was dribbling towards the basket, fast and powerful, passing his opponents without difficulty. He reached the end of the court, jumped high and dunked the ball. I smiled, feeling proud of my boyfriend.

But of course it had to come. "Look, the gay guy is back!" the Gary Coleman look-alike exclaimed.

Goran turned around and finally saw me. I wasn't smiling any more. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea after all.

Goran threw the ball to one of his teammates. "Sorry, guys, I have another training planned this morning. Keep going without me, we'll take the outside court." He ran to the storage, took another ball and dribbled towards the exit. I followed him silently.

Goran was still dribbling when we reached the other court. "I take this half, you take the other. Come get the ball if you can, Thom!"

So, he didn't want to talk about what had happened. Not that I had much to say about it either. I ran towards him, blocking him and trying to steal the ball, but he feinted to the right, then went backwards for a couple of steps and got past me on the left. He rushed to the basket and shot. The ball rolled around the hoop for ages before finally falling in.

I took the ball and started to dribble, but Goran was in front of me before I reached the half of the court. He stole the ball before I could even realise it, ran towards the basket and scored again.

Time to pull yourself together, Thom! I focused and dribbled as fast as I could. I felt a familiar heat enveloping me. I jumped as high as the basket was and simply let the ball fall through.

When I reached the ground, I was grinning. I looked at Goran, but he was glaring at me. That was when I realised that I had used my powers. Oops! Talk about fair play… I must have looked like a sheepish kid when I mumbled to him: "Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose." He didn't answer and granted himself a free throw. It's not like there are official rules for superhero basketball.

After that, we resumed the game, and that time, I was the one who stole the ball from him. I ran towards the basket, concentrating not to use my powers unconsciously. I could feel that Goran was close behind me and I was determined not to let him take the ball from me. I stopped dead in my tracks, focused and threw a three-pointer. I had already won against him once, there was no reason I couldn't do it again.

"Hey, Goran, be careful not to turn into a fag!" Perfect! Goran's teammates had finished training and were leaving the gym, and the Gary Coleman guy couldn't help saying good bye!

I couldn't say I was used to being insulted, because you never get used to it, but I'd rather have that guy insult me ten times and leave my boyfriend alone. I didn't want Goran to feel hurt too. I wanted to protect him from that, even though I didn't know how.

"What's so bad about it?" Goran shouted at him. I hadn't expected that. Way to go, Goran! He put his hand on my shoulder and I started. He was behind me, so I hadn't seen it coming. I turned around and he put his other hand on my cheek. He looked at me with intensity. I didn't know if he was wondering what to do next, or if he already knew and was gathering his courage. I was transfixed by his pretty eyes.

He slowly leant in, my heart skipped a beat and Goran kissed me tenderly. His kisses always made me feel so good. I barely heard Gary Coleman muttering "Faggots!" I felt warm and safe in Goran's arms. Together, we were invincible.
Tags: fic, hero

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