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Hikaru no Go: Anti-Gravity

Beware the crack!porn. ^_^ This is a sequel to Abducted.

Title: Anti-Gravity
Pairing: Shindou/Touya
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1956
Summary: Touya and Shindou decide to test the anti-gravity device.
Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go isn't mine.

Shindou was pacing in his room. He had been on Fshtl for three weeks already, but he was still not allowed to go outside alone. Not until he could speak the language… Well, that could take him years! Okay, maybe not years, but at least months, and that was a very long time. He had one hour of class every day, and the first two weeks, he had also had to take many tests in logic, mathematics and physics. What the Hell was the point of having been abducted by aliens if he still had to go to school? They had told him that it was part of the usual examinations on other intelligent species and hadn't listened to him when he had tried to explain that he was in no way representative of the human species in those topics. At least, the tests were finished now, so he only had to worry about the Fshtli class. A lot of people in the lab building spoke Japanese or another human language – not that it would help Shindou, he didn't even understand English – because they had been part of the on-site study, but outside, nobody spoke those languages, which was why they didn't want Shindou to leave on his own for now.

So Shindou was stuck in his room, with something that looked like a PDA and was full of Fshtli/Japanese learning applications, and a go board. A chance several of the aliens had taken such a liking to the game, or he wouldn't even have that to entertain himself. Or maybe it wasn't a chance at all. If they hadn't played go, they wouldn't have met him and wouldn't have abducted him. But he couldn't blame the game for that. So he practised a lot, and Touya came every evening for a game. Or sometimes for activities of another kind that Shindou probably shouldn't enjoy that much.

Someone knocked at the door. "Come in," Shindou said.

The door slid on the side and Touya entered. Talk of the devil… As usual, Touya was wearing an awful purple uniform. Shindou was currently wearing a dark yellow one. It was a little bit too yellow, even for him. He could practically play in Kill Bill. Apparently, the Fshtli hadn't heard of the possibility of wearing several colours at the same time. But Shindou still had some hope for Touya. One day, he would manage to make him wear something trendy.

"Hello, Shindou! I thought we might have a game of go," Touya practically purred. Shindou knew this tone very well. Touya was thinking of anything but go. And now, Shindou wasn't thinking of go any more either.

"Or not," Touya added, staring at Shindou's uniform. Why was Touya staring? Shindou looked down. All right! Stupid close-fitting uniform! Stupid planet! Stupid aliens!

But before Shindou could elaborate on the subject, Touya was already stuck against him, his arms around Shindou's neck, his breath on Shindou's lips. Shindou leant forward, pressing Touya's tender lips, slowly, again and again, before sliding his tongue inside Touya's slightly opened mouth. Touya started to move his tongue, pressing it against Shindou's tongue, seeking more contact, more friction, more pleasure. Shindou could feel Touya's warm body through their two uniforms.

"Too many clothes," Shindou mumbled. In such moments, he liked the Fshtli uniforms. He had no idea what material they were made of, but it was very elastic, and consequently very easy to take off. Shindou helped Touya out of his sleeves. The top of Touya's uniform was now dangling around his hips, leaving him bare-chested. Shindou enjoyed the sight in front of him, but was quickly interrupted by Touya, who had decided to help him take off his own uniform. They kissed again, their bare chests now touching. Shindou slowly rubbed Touya's back, and Touya arched his body against Shindou's, seeking even more skin contact.

Then, Touya pushed him onto the bed and started to take off Shindou's boots. Shindou sat up, intending to reciprocate, but Touya pushed him back and took care of his own boots. He then proceeded to completely take off his uniform and put it carefully on a chair. Touya was standing completely naked in front of Shindou, sporting a wonderful erection, and Shindou couldn't help smiling. Now that he thought about it, he didn't really miss underwear. Shindou started to take off the rest of his own uniform, but was once again stopped by Touya, who kissed him slowly, very slowly, maddeningly slowly. Then, Touya slid his fingers along Shindou's naked torso until he reached the rest of Shindou's uniform, and proceeded to slowly take it off, revealing the erection that the uniform had not hidden very well. Not leaving the bed, he threw the uniform on top of his own.

"Shindou, have you already tested the anti-gravity device?" Touya suddenly asked with an enthusiasm coming out of nowhere. Great! Wasn't Touya part of a perverted alien race? So why would he want to run tests on the gravity right in the middle of having sex? Wait a minute! They were all quite obsessed with running tests, weren't they? Maybe they had the hots for scientific experiments? Shindou was horrified at the idea.

"Touya… Don't you think we have better things to do right now?" Shindou replied slowly, as cautiously as he could. Irritating crazy people was never a good idea.

Touya grinned. He leant forward and whispered in Shindou's ear: "I never said we would stop what we are doing." He licked Shindou's earlobe to prove his point.

"Oh! You mean…"

"Yes, I mean doing it… without any gravity. Doesn't it sound tempting to you?" Touya whispered sensually.

"I guess." Shindou was never one against that type of experimentation.

Touya moved to the head of the bed, where the remote control for light, heating and gravity was located. He pressed the Off button for gravity, and suddenly, they were both floating inside the room.

Shindou laughed. "That's awesome! But how do you expect to join me now?"

Touya was next to one of the walls, while Shindou was in the centre of the room. Touya put his feet against the wall and applied some pressure. He started to slowly float towards Shindou. "Don't underestimate me, Shindou!" Touya replied smugly.

Touya passed next to Shindou and gripped his right ankle. Then, he slid alongside his body until he reached the young man's shoulders, and started to kiss him. But their bodies were slowly drifting apart while they were kissing. It was strange and Shindou felt a kind of emptiness. He seized Touya's waist, and their bodies began to come closer again, until they bumped against each other, pressing Touya's cock against Shindou's belly and Shindou's cock against Touya's thigh. Touya let out a moan. He passed one leg behind Shindou's knees, hooking himself to his boyfriend, and they resumed kissing, slowly rubbing against each other. Touya caressed Shindou's back and Shindou felt his need rise. He began to move more quickly against Touya.

"Shhh, we've got time," Touya commented, slowly sliding down Shindou's body.

Shindou wondered why Touya was going away, but then, he gasped, feeling Touya licking the underside of his member.

"Doesn't that feel even better?"

"Hmmm, yes," Shindou managed to answer, as Touya licked the head of his cock. Touya held Shindou's member in his hand, and took the rest in his mouth. Shindou moaned, letting the warm and wet feeling engulf him. Touya took more of Shindou inside his mouth. He was really good at that. He could even deep-throat, something that Shindou had never managed to do without gagging. As Touya was pumping on his cock, Shindou felt his pleasure increase. It was as if he were flying. Well, the anti-gravity definitely helped with the sensation, but it was more than that. It was such an intense feeling, such an incredible pleasure. But all at once, Shindou bumped against the ceiling and Touya let go and they were once again too far away. Shindou grumbled.

Touya laughed. "Don't complain, you wanted this as much as I did."

"Maybe, but not specifically the part where we're floating away from each other."

"There are good sides… and there are bad sides," Touya said teasingly. "Come on, I can't move from here, so you've got to join me."

"And how exactly am I supposed to do that?" Shindou enquired.

"Use the ceiling to push yourself towards me. You'll see, it's not that difficult."

Shindou protested a little more, then did as he was told. He slowly floated towards Touya, but he also turned on himself in the process. Touya grabbed Shindou's hips as he passed next to him, got closer relatively easily and licked Shindou's cock. Shindou shuddered from the resumed action, but they were still floating around, and he soon ended up with Touya's penis right against his cheek.

Touya burst out laughing. "Now, Shindou, I'm practically sure you didn't do this on purpose, but now that you are so well positioned, maybe you could take care of me."

Shindou grinned. That didn't sound like a bad idea. He held Touya's leg, positioned him a little better, and licked Touya's length. Touya moaned around Shindou's cock. The humming sent more shivers along Shindou's body. So much pleasure! He wanted to share it with Touya. As he was licking Touya's member, he started to massage his balls. He could feel Touya's body arching against his. It was strange, since they were the other way around, but it felt good, and he too was aching for more skin contact. He bucked against Touya and Touya suddenly deep-throated him. The young man could feel the head of his cock against Touya's throat. His nerves were burning. It felt so good, so hot, to be engulfed in the wetness of Touya's mouth. And Touya was practically shivering with pleasure too. Shindou could feel him, against his body and in his mouth. Touya was as near the edge as he was. Shindou licked Touya's pre-come and caressed his balls again, adding some pressure. Then, he slid his hand upwards and introduced a finger in Touya's anus. Touya screamed and came right then. Shindou swallowed it all, not wanting anything suspicious to float randomly within his bedroom.

As Touya was recovering from his orgasm, he slowed down a little, only licking Shindou's length from time to time. Shindou couldn't bear it any more, but he couldn't do anything, so he waited more or less patiently, letting Touya lazily lick him again and again. Fortunately, Touya resumed sucking Shindou's cock after a few minutes. Shindou was feeling so hot now, he didn't know how he hadn't come yet, but his pleasure kept increasing. Touya's body right against him was driving him crazy. His skin was so soft, so hot, so alluring. He couldn't stop caressing it. He wanted to kiss Touya. And he wanted to come! He was so close, so very close. Touya was licking the underside of his cock, it felt wonderfully good, but he wanted Touya to do more, even more. Touya held his member and took him inside his mouth. Hmmm, yes, that was better, just what he needed! And yet, he needed more, always more. Then, Touya deep-throated him, and the pleasure was incredible, and Shindou exploded inside Touya's mouth, finally letting go.

As they were floating inside the room, still breathing heavily from what had just happened, Shindou seized Touya's wrist and brought him close. They hugged and exchanged a tender kiss, tasting each other on the other's tongue.

"Maybe we could put the gravity back and use the bed," Shindou suggested.

"Hmmm, I'm too tired to reach the remote control," Touya answered with a sleepy voice.
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