Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Zero + Rules for Seafaring Souls by Rebecca Crunden

Zero was interesting. :-) Omar discovers that he has the power to become invisible.

I've had Netflix for a few years now, and yet it was my first time watching a show in Italian. I recognised the sentence "Sono qui" (I'm here) from The Old Guard. Also, several songs were in French, so I recognised that too. XD

Apparently, this is the first TV series centred on Black Italians.

There are 8 20/25-minute episodes, so it's a quick watch.


The short story Rules for Seafaring Souls by Rebecca Crunden (These Violent Nights) was beautiful. <3 Saoirse almost drowns and is saved by a mermaid.

This lovely f/f tale is available for free in the second issue of the magazine Indie Bites.

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