Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Plain Bad Heroines by Emily Danforth

In Plain Bad Heroines by Emily Danforth, two queer girls studying at a cursed school die of a wasp attack. A century later, Merritt writes a novel about it and Harper and Audrey play the leads in the movie adaptation.

Content warnings: [Spoilers]way too many wasps, way too many Bury Your Gays! Sure, you're writing a creepy book with a lot of LGBT representation, so there's going to be some Bury Your Gays. You even put two right there in the summary. But maybe you could pace yourself because there are more to come after that...

The book is 600 pages long, and yet it feels like a lot is missing. For example, it's mentioned once that the two queer girls don't die in Merritt's novel and in the movie. So I thought this would be developed as a subversion of the BYG trope. But the whole concept doesn't reappear after that, the story stops before they film the scene in question and jumps to a quick red carpet final chapter...

Still, the book has some cool gimmicks:
- illustrations
- footnotes
- 4th wall-breaking narration

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