Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Elementary Season 7 + Something Like Absolution by Rebecca Crunden

Elementary Season 7 was excellent, as usual. Maybe even better than the previous seasons. I really liked the storyline about Odin Reichenbach.

The entire series is now available on Amazon Prime Video (at least in France, but probably in other countries as well).

Way back, some people were afraid that they made Watson a woman (played by Lucy Liu) to create a heterosexual relationship between Holmes and her. Fortunately, this never happened. At no point was there any romantic subtext between them.


The short story Something Like Absolution by Rebecca Crunden (The Outlands Pentalogy) was intriguing. Ronan goes home to his husband, but it turns out he has forgotten the last seven years.

It's a nice vampire story, available for free in the first issue of the magazine Indie Bites. I haven't read the other stories yet, but I've read the review section. Heart of Stone by Johannes T. Evans sounds like an interesting m/m vampire novel.

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