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The Bartimaeus Trilogy: Shape-shifting

I couldn't resist the Bartimaeus/Nathaniel UST, so here's a porny ficlet on them. ^_^

Title: Shape-shifting
Pairing: Bartimaeus/Nathaniel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 740
Summary: Bartimaeus has different ways of spiting his master. Bartimaeus's POV. Set during Ptolemy's Gate.
Disclaimer: The Bartimaeus Trilogy isn't mine, it belongs to Jonathan Stroud.

I suddenly felt the pains of being called back to my master. What form should I take? Ptolemy's beautiful body? No, I settled on Kitty's, not her younger self, like I did before Nathaniel found out she was still alive, but her current self. I hadn't used this appearance yet. It would be interesting to see how my master reacted.

I was welcomed with a frown. "Bartimaeus, do you think it's time for your games?"

I grinned. He was blushing, it had been a good choice. "What games are you talking about, Nat?"

"The situation is serious, it's no time to play with Kitty Jones's appearance."

"I don't know how my appearance can be a problem." I came closer to him. "And you like the view, don't you?" I added with a wink.

He blushed again. "This is not funny, Bartimaeus!"

I came even closer and put my arms, or rather Kitty's arms, around his neck. "Come on, Nat! What's the problem?" I could feel his breath getting quicker, and before he had any time to react, I kissed him on the lips, lightly pushed him towards the wall with my left hand and opened his trousers with my right one. Still kissing him, I wormed my way inside his boxers and took hold of his already half-hard member.

He pushed me away, without much result: "Bartimaeus, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Attending to your needs, my master," I answered with a chuckle.

"Kitty Jones would certainly not appreciate your using her appearance to do that." (1)

I smiled sensually. "And do you appreciate it?"

"I certainly don't! Bartimaeus, I command you to change your appearance this instant!"

He looked angry, I had really no idea why. "As you wish, my master!" And so, I switched to Ptolemy's form.

Nathaniel had a sigh of relief. It didn't last long, though. He quickly realised something: "Bartimaeus, you still have your hand on my… on my… on me," he said with a stutter.

How quaint! He could be such an ambitious and vile boy, but as soon as it came down to sex, he acted like a total virgin. Well, he was one, after all.

I took my hand off his penis and he looked a bit more at ease. But then, I knelt down in front of him, pulled down his boxers and took his cock inside my mouth.

"What… what are you…" he could only say before I started caressing his balls, which rendered him completely incoherent.

I licked his length slowly and he squirmed inside my mouth. He was inexperienced, I could see he wasn't going to hold long. (2)

I then took the base of his cock in my hand and licked the tip with a rolling movement. He moaned and grasped my hair. I kept going at it and felt his member pulsing more and more against my tongue. He was close, very close, I could feel it. I engulfed him whole and he came with a cry inside my mouth.

I licked my lips and stood up. He was panting against the wall, dishevelled. I couldn't resist teasing him some more: "So, you like pretty boys, Nat?" (3)

He glared at me, but he was still enjoying the aftermath of his orgasm and couldn't come up with a good retort. I took advantage of this and gave him a deep kiss, letting him taste his own come on my tongue.

He pushed me away violently: "Go away! Go away now, or it will be the Red-Hot Stipples for you!"

That's what you get for helping your master nowadays! But I knew he wasn't serious when he said that or he would have punished me already. Since he hadn't, that meant he'd let me do it again. "See you soon, Nat!" I said in a mischievous tone. I dematerialised from the room with a grin, that was not the end of it.

(1) I personally think she'd prefer my using her appearance to do that rather than doing it herself, but that's not the point.

(2) Well, his inexperience was only one of the reasons. The other one was my incredible talent in this area. I've been praised by Solomon himself and he had a whole harem to compare me to.

(3) It always surprises me how this civilisation has masochistic tendencies about such natural things. Ptolemy never worried about his preference for boys.
Tags: fic, the bartimaeus trilogy

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