Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

The Queen's Gambit + Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman + This Is How You Lose the Time War

The Queen's Gambit was brilliant. It's the story of a young female chess prodigy in the 50s & 60s.

If you enjoy Hikaru no Go or Chihayafuru, you'll probably love this too. Of course, it's not an anime, it's a US miniseries, so it's more on the serious side, but it's just as intense.

Content warnings: [Spoilerish]alcoholism, heavy drug consumption


The novella Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman was super cute, with a little angst. ♥ It's about secondary characters from the novel Solitaire (Charlie is Tori's little brother), who are also the protagonists of the m/m webcomics Heartstopper.

This novella got released electronically in 2015, but the paperback edition is new. It has a bunch of illustrations. I love illustrated books. ^__^

It's a very easy read. Ideal for people who are still learning English.


The novella This Is How You Lose the Time War by Max Gladstone (The Craft Sequence) and Amal El-Mohtar was pretty great. Two rival time travel agents exchange letters during their missions.

This was very abstract, almost poetic, so not exactly my cup of tea. But I enjoyed the letters, full of teasing and f/f flirting. The plot was as timey-wimey as you could expect from the title.


Last night, I dreamt of a non-Marvel movie with some Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans/Scarlett Johansson (the characters, not the actors, but I don't know their names). There was some Chris Evans/Anthony Mackie too, which I knew about, but sadly didn't get to see (even though Steve/Sam is my OTP <3).

Can someone make this movie, pretty please?

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