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Hikaru no Go: Never Accept Candies From Strangers

My muse couldn't resist the Hikaru no Go goodness, so here's fanfiction. ^__^

Title: Never Accept Candies From Strangers
Pairing: Shindou/Touya
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1782
Summary: Touya gets anonymous chocolates, Shindou deals with the consequences.
Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go isn't mine.

Shindou and Touya had started to live together two weeks before. It was more practical for go practice. Unfortunately, to the neighbours' despair, it was also more practical to fight. Finally – and hopefully, they were less noisy for that or the neighbours would soon be moving out –, it was more practical for sex. Using the go salon or the Go Institute's toilets was fun the first few times, but a bed was better suited to Touya's tastes, thank you very much.

Touya was coming back from grocery shopping, without Shindou who had once again magically disappeared before Touya even uttered the word 'shopping'. That guy could read his mind, it was impossible otherwise. When Touya finally reached the entrance to their building, the janitor informed him that someone had dropped a parcel for him. Touya thanked the man and took the package.

There was still no trace of Shindou in their flat. Touya put away the groceries and opened the parcel. Inside was a splendid box of chocolates, with blue and silver patterns on it. It was said that Touya Akira did not like sweets. It – whoever they might be – was wrong. Touya was a reasonable person who did not raid the various buffets go players attended, unlike Shindou or Waya, but he liked chocolates just like the next person.

There was a card within the package: "Touya and Shindou, congratulations for moving in together!" It was not signed, and the text was typed, so there was no way of knowing who had sent the chocolates. Touya hoped the person would mention it later on, so that he could thank them properly.

He looked at the list of chocolates and chose one with coffee. It was good. The taste was a bit different from what he was used to, but it was good nonetheless. He then took an orange chocolate. Delicious! A white chocolate. Nice… Again, he thought that the taste was slightly strange, but after all, that was a different brand from the ones his mother bought. Now, a cherry chocolate. Excellent! And Shindou didn't like the cherry ones, so he ate the other one too. Finally, a hazelnut chocolate, and that would be all for the moment. It wouldn't do to eat the whole box at once, and Shindou wouldn't appreciate to come home to an empty box of chocolates. Even if it would serve him right for not helping with shopping.

Touya put the lid back on the box and walked to the go board to start practising. He wondered why the room was so hot today.


As soon as Shindou came home, he spotted the chocolates. He had just opened the box and was going to take one when a naked Touya launched himself at him… and an erection pressed into his thigh.

"Touya? Are you okay? Er… Forget I said that. Hello, there!" Shindou said, grinning.

"Don't eat the chocolates. I think… I think they are… drugged."


"Yes, I ate some, and now, I can't get rid of that," Touya said, pointing at his erection. "I've been trying for half an hour already, come and make love to me!"

"What? Er… Yes, of course," Shindou answered, trying not to burst out laughing at Touya's despair.

Touya grabbed his boyfriend's wrist and dragged him into their bedroom. Then, while Shindou was taking off his shirt and his tee-shirt, Touya proceeded to unbuckle his lover's belt and to take his pants off. He could see that Shindou was already half-erect and slowly brushed his length. Then, he slipped his hand inside Shindou's underwear and grabbed his member, eliciting a loud moan from the boy. With his other hand, he slid the underwear down his boyfriend's legs. Shindou stepped over it and pushed Touya towards the bed. Touya climbed on the bed backwards, and Shindou took a good sight of his lover, grinning like a predator.

Then, he joined his boyfriend on the bed and proceeded to touch his arms, his neck, his chest, while Touya started to caress Shindou's back, dragging him closer to increase skin contact. His body felt even hotter now and he was squirming under Shindou even before the other boy stroked his erection. "Shindou!"

Shindou went down and licked the tip of his lover's member. Precum started to leak and Touya put his hands in Shindou's hair, encouraging him to continue. Shindou held his boyfriend's length and started to lick the underside, applying heat and pressure to his cock. Touya moaned and Shindou took him into his mouth, rolling his tongue against the tip of his length. Touya bucked into his lover's mouth and Shindou moved his tongue faster alongside his cock. Touya was feeling hot, very hot, almost burning, and suddenly, he came into Shindou's mouth.

Touya's face was red and he was panting, but Shindou found him so very pretty like that. He brushed his boyfriend's hair out of his face, kissed him on the cheek and whispered into his ear: "Do you feel better now?" This sent shivers down Touya's spine, and suddenly, he was getting hard again. Shindou looked at him and laughed: "I think this answers my question."

"You, idiot! Stop laughing and do something about it right here and right now!"

"Hey! It's your own fault for eating those chocolates. Now, shut up and let me help you!"

Touya didn't argue, fearing that Shindou might leave him to take care of it himself, and that definitely wouldn't do. Shindou rummaged through the drawer of their night table and found the lube and condoms.

He poured some lube over his fingers and slowly introduced his forefinger inside Touya. He didn't meet with much resistance and soon introduced his middle finger. Touya squirmed around them, moaning, and apparently not feeling much pain. Still, Shindou scissored him a little longer before introducing a third finger. It took more time for Touya to adjust to the extra finger, but it was still quicker than usual.

"Shindou, I'm ready."

"Let me prepare you a little more."

"If I tell you I'm ready, it means I'm ready! Just do it now!" Touya shouted.

"And who's going to complain afterwards that I didn't wait long enough?"

"Shindou, please…" Touya purred, opting for a different strategy.

"Okay, okay…" Shindou finally gave in.

He positioned himself above Touya, holding his cock in his hand, and slowly pushed into his lover. When he was engulfed inside Touya's heat, the boy dragged him down into a hungry kiss, his erection brushing against Shindou's belly, and Shindou had to hold back not to move at once. After a moment, he started pounding into the other boy. Touya threw his head backwards and Shindou kissed his throat and caressed the nape of his neck, knowing this was a particularly sensitive zone. Touya moaned and arched a little more to help Shindou move inside him.

He was feeling his temperature rising once again. The pain had been weaker than usual and had rapidly disappeared, and now he was overwhelmed with pleasure, an intense pleasure that was increasing quickly and did not seem to have any limit. Shindou kept pounding into him, hitting the right spot, and as he was doing so, Touya's erection was brushing against him, again and again, sending even more shivers to his whole body. Touya was now covered with sweat. Shindou slowed down, kissing him lightly on the lips: "Are you all right?"

"Yes, it's good. Go faster!"

"Are you sure?"

Touya nodded, so Shindou resumed his movements, but without going too fast, since he didn't want to hurt his boyfriend. However, he shifted a bit so that he could grab Touya's cock, and as he did, Touya screamed, precum wetting his stomach.

"Touch me more, please…" Touya moaned, desperately.

Shindou kept pounding into him, though not touching his member again for the moment. Touya realised it and tried to touch himself, but Shindou batted his hand away and held his wrists, keeping him from reaching his goal. Touya glared at him, but Shindou leant down and kissed him passionately for a couple of minutes while still moving slowly inside him. Touya arched again, trying to meet Shindou's thrusts in order to increase the friction. This felt good, so good. Shindou was getting close now.

He released Touya and grabbed his cock again, stroking him almost roughly, as Touya bucked into his hand. More precum leaked and Shindou caressed the tip of his lover's length with his thumb, applying more and more pressure to his massage. Touya screamed once again. He was now meeting Shindou's thrusts frantically and he slid his hand between their two bodies. As Shindou's hand was still on the tip of his length, he grabbed the base of his cock in his hand and began to move with Shindou. Shindou pounded into him, hitting the right spot once again, and slid his hand above Touya's hand, leading him to stroke his whole length all of a sudden. Touya's eyes widened, he stifled a cry and came over their joined hands.

As he reached his orgasm, his body contracted around Shindou's member, sending waves of pleasure all along his body. Shindou pushed into Touya's body one more time, letting the heat and pressure overcome him, and finally came. He lay down next to his boyfriend, holding him in his arms and nibbling on his ear: "So, will you need another round or will this be fine?"

Touya mumbled, exhausted: "Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to have a nap now."

Five minutes later, he was fast asleep. Shindou stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to throw away the condom. He took a towel and went to clean up Touya. He kissed his boyfriend on the forehead, then grabbed his clothes, turned off the light and left the bedroom.


In the evening, Touya went to his father's study session. He looked sleepy and still a bit flush, which got him a lot of questions from his mother: Was he ill? Was he going to bed early enough? Was he eating well? Touya told her there was no need to worry, it had been a long day, and that was all.

Fortunately, he felt better during the study session and could once again prove to the world that Touya Akira was one of the best go players currently living in Japan. And he was certainly not going to let a ridiculous bunch of chocolates change that fact!

Later, as the participants of the study session were preparing to go back home, Ogata discreetly leant towards Touya and whispered: "I take it you and Shindou liked the chocolates."
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