Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Another Life + Air Logic by Laurie J. Marks

Another Life was pretty great. It could have done with more alien communication (a few scenes reminded me of Arrival) and less space horror, though.

It stars Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica), who's as awesome as can be expected. Tyler Hoechlin (Derek in Teen Wolf) is in this too.

There's a non-binary character played by a non-binary actor, a gay character and an m/f/m storyline. <3


Air Logic by Laurie J. Marks is finally out! \o/ It's the fourth and final book of the Elemental Logic series. I read the first three books a dozen years ago, so I didn't remember much, except the fact that the main characters were an f/f couple, an m/m couple and an m/f couple with a daughter raised by all six of them.

Like the third book, I thought that Air Logic didn't focus enough on the six main characters. It was still a very good book, but it didn't make me fangirl like the first two. These are the ones I recommend the most.
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