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Shounen Onmyouji: Wedding

For stained_dreams, because we just can't stop talking about this. ^_^

Title: Wedding
Pairing: Guren/Masahiro
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1990
Summary: It's time for Masahiro to become an adult.
Disclaimer: Shounen Onmyouji isn't mine.

Akiko was talking with a few high officials, glowing on her newlywed husband's arm. She was wearing a long white kimono with silvery flowers embroidered on it and she had golden birds as ornaments in her hair. After some time, she spotted Masahiro among the crowd and excused herself to join him.

"You look wonderful, Princess Akiko."

"Since when do you call me Princess, Masahiro?" she asked him, looking falsely angry.

"It suits the occasion, I think. Congratulations on your wedding! I wish you all the happiness in the world."

"As long as you are here to protect us, it will be fine."

"I will always do my best," the young onmyouji assured her.

"I know that, Masahiro," the princess answered with a smile, before going to see another group of guests.

Masahiro started as Mokkun jumped on his shoulder.

"Mokkun! Where have you been?" he whispered, not wanting to scare the guests who were unable to see the mononoke.

Mokkun licked one of his paws and started to clean his muzzle. "All this food… They clearly needed help to eat it."

"Mokkun!" Masahiro protested.

"I'm sorry, Masahiro, you must be so sad to see Akiko marry somebody else."

"Don't try to change the subject, it won't work. I had a crush on Akiko when I was a kid, it has long been gone. What are the guests going to think if they see food being eaten by nothing?"

"Oh, so you didn't want to marry Akiko. I remember now, when you were still a child, your father took you to the wedding of one of his friends, and you were so fascinated by the ceremony that the first thing you said when you came back was: 'Guren, when I grow up, I'll marry you!'"

Masahiro blushed like a tomato and stuttered: "Don't say stupid things like that!"

Mokkun grinned inwardly: mission complete, the topic of food was forgotten.


A week later, a tiger spirit was reported to attack the city at night. Of course, Masahiro decided to do his best to exorcise the beast before people got injured. The following night, he headed for the area in question with Mokkun. They had been patrolling for almost an hour when they felt the presence of the spirit. They ran towards the source of the power and found themselves in front of a tiger three times as big as a normal one.

The spirit quickly noticed them. He launched himself at them and raised his paw in order to slash Masahiro with his giant claws. Fortunately, Mokkun just had the time to transform and Guren managed to block the tiger's paw. Then, he threw fire at the spirit. The tiger rapidly stepped back, but didn't get hurt, and soon, he realised that Guren's fire wasn't affecting him that much. He growled furiously and began to advance towards the shikigami. Masahiro then launched a spell against the tiger and Guren added fire in order to weaken the creature. Another spell from Masahiro, more powerful this time, ended up in the disappearance of the spirit.

"Phew! At first, I was a bit afraid that he was too powerful for me, but I managed to beat him thanks to your help, Guren."

"You are more powerful than you think, Masahiro. You have been progressing very fast lately. You're almost a full-fledged onmyouji, now."

"Say that to my grandfather," Masahiro replied. "Guren?"

"Yes, Masahiro?"

"When I was little… I told you that I'd marry you?"

Guren looked at him, not knowing what to answer. Masahiro sounded serious and the shikigami might even have blushed a little. With such a bronze skin, it was impossible to tell.

But he didn't have to answer as Masahiro walked to him and pressed their lips together. Guren's eyes widened, once again surprised by the favours that Masahiro could grant him, Touda, the traitor. After a few seconds, a gentle hand passed through his hair, strangely calming, and he closed his eyes to savour the moment. Masahiro, feeling Guren's tension decrease, took advantage of this to deepen the kiss. He caressed Guren's tongue slowly yet passionately, tasting what he had started to desire more and more as he grew older.


A couple of weeks passed and a few more kisses were exchanged between Masahiro and Guren. Still, Guren only appeared during fights and didn't ask for more. As for Masahiro, he wasn't really sure if he was ready for it or not. But curiosity finally made him grow impatient.

"Mokkun…" Masahiro took the mononoke in his arms as he was sitting down on his futon. "Do you think you could turn into Guren for the night?"

"Oh, you want to do naughty things?"


The mononoke snickered, jumped to the ground and transformed. "Masahiro?" Guren asked, unsure of what to do.

"Sit down, please."

The shikigami did as he was told and was soon straddled by the onmyouji. The young man started to kiss him, one hand on his back and one on his chest. As he deepened the kiss, his hand went down to Guren's abs. "Guren, you too, touch me."

Masahiro was wearing a light kimono. Guren opened it more loosely and the left side fell from Masahiro's shoulder. He then proceeded to slowly lick Masahiro's neck, casually caressing the boy's belly. "Guren…" Masahiro moaned.

"Are you sure you want this, Masahiro? I wouldn't want to…"

"Shhh! I know what I want. If you want it too, then let's do it," Masahiro said before kissing Guren deeply in order to confirm his words. "We should undress better than that," he suggested with a hint of mischievousness in his voice.

"Let me." Guren opened Masahiro's kimono entirely this time, took his left arm out of it, then his right arm, and finally let it fall to the ground, revealing Masahiro's slightly tanned and muscled body. Nothing in comparison to Guren's powerful body, but still a sight close to perfection for the shikigami. Masahiro was already half-erect from their previous kisses. Guren brought his hand forward, but another hand batted it away. He looked up and saw Masahiro smiling.

"You still have your clothes on, that's unfair," the onmyouji protested. Guren was never wearing much, so it didn't long for Masahiro to fully undress him. The shikigami also had the beginning of an erection. Masahiro put his hand on it, around it, and moved slowly up and down to fully awaken the shikigami's arousal. It was fascinating, this feeling of someone else becoming harder and harder under his ministrations, so similar and yet so different from what he was sometimes doing in the calm of his bedroom or in the heat of the baths.

The shikigami was surprised when Masahiro stopped all of a sudden. "Wait a minute." The young man went to look inside his drawers and brought back a small bottle of oil.

"Masahiro…" Guren hesitated.

"Don't worry, it'll be all right. I trust you, Guren."

"Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop at once."

"I won't ask you to stop, I want this." Masahiro gave a quick kiss to Guren in order to encourage him.

Guren poured some oil on one of his fingers, got closer to Masahiro who was now lying on his futon, and slowly inserted his finger inside the young man's body. "Masahiro?"

"It's a bit weird, but it's all right. You can go on like this."

Guren moved his finger slowly, stretching Masahiro a little. Then, he took his finger out, poured more oil and inserted two fingers. Masahiro frowned, but told him he was fine. Still, as Guren was scissoring him, he touched the young man's erection in order to help him. When Masahiro ended up moaning, Guren stopped, oiled his fingers once more and inserted three of them. It hurt more, but Guren was so gentle with him that Masahiro tried not to show it. Still, Guren noticed it and stroked Masahiro's length in order to take his mind off the pain. Masahiro cried, closing his eyes, and let the pain and the pleasure mingle inside his mind. The pain faded little by little, and all of a sudden, Guren's fingers went deeper inside him and a jolt of pleasure passed through all of Masahiro's body.

"Guren… Guren, I'm ready."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. And you won't get away with it at this stage," Masahiro added.

Guren oiled his member under Masahiro's gaze. The onmyouji was clearly enjoying the view, which made Guren smile. The shikigami positioned himself in order not to hurt Masahiro too much, and slowly entered him. The young man's body was hot, and soft, and felt so very good, but Masahiro's gasp made Guren stop at once.

"It's okay, just a bit more," Masahiro said with a frown.

Guren pushed and entered him completely, then stopped himself from moving in order to let the young man adjust. Masahiro put his arms around Guren's neck and kissed him passionately. At the same time, he could feel his erection brushing against Guren's belly and he moved instinctively to rub himself against him. He grimaced as he remembered that he hadn't fully adjusted yet.

"Don't move," Guren said, sliding his hand between their bodies and slightly grazing the underside of Masahiro's length. The onmyouji shivered and bucked into his hand. "I told you not to move."

"I think it's okay now. Just… don't move too fast."

Guren began to move slowly inside Masahiro's body. It felt incredible for him, and rapidly, it stopped looking painful for the onmyouji. Little by little, Masahiro's face became redder and he started panting. Guren had never seen him like that, so vulnerable and strong at the same time, and his desire for the young man increased again. He moved faster and faster inside Masahiro's body, not thinking of anything any more.

Masahiro's back curved, his body seeking more of the pleasure the shikigami was giving him. He felt hot and some parts of his body were burning. The sensation was so intense, and yet it continued to rise each time Guren was hitting the right place. "Guren!" Masahiro cried desperately.

"Does it hurt?" Guren asked, but he could see that Masahiro was now fully enjoying it.

"Please, do something, I can't take it any more."

"Something?" Guren said slowly, almost teasingly.

"Yes! Guren, please!"

The shikigami shifted a little in order to hold himself above Masahiro with one arm only and started to caress Masahiro's member with his other hand. Masahiro cried, his body even hotter than before. The sensation was practically unbearable, and it kept burning and burning, and all at once, he was coming all over Guren's hand.

Masahiro's body contracted around the shikigami's erection. A wave of pure pleasure went through Guren's body, and as he saw the onmyouji beautifully undone under him, he couldn't hold on much longer. He moved again and again, almost desperately, and came inside him. He fell onto the young man and stayed like that for a couple of minutes before getting out of Masahiro's body. After a few more minutes, he tried to leave the futon, but the young man didn't let him, snuggling up to him.

"We need to clean up," Guren explained.

"Ummm… stay a little more…" Masahiro said with a sleepy voice.

"All right," Guren answered, holding him closer and kissing his forehead. It was warm and comfortable, and Masahiro soon fell asleep. Guren watched his master a little more before looking for a towel in order to clean them up.

In the morning, Masahiro woke up as usual with Mokkun in his bed. It took him a few seconds to realise what had happened the night before. The young man blushed as he remembered it all. Then, Mokkun stirred, opened his eyes, scratched his left ear and casually asked: "So, how did you like the wedding night?"

"MOKKUN!" Masahiro exclaimed, scaring half of the household in the process.
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