Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Original Fic: To Take A Dog Home

It had been a long time since I wrote original fiction. And the good news is that my muse didn't come by alone, she brought porn with her. ^_^

Title: To Take A Dog Home
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2477
Summary: In a world where dogpeople are treated as inferior beings, can a boy find love in his new home?

Patrick Waterly was coming home late from a staff meeting. He was a history teacher in Wilson High, where his wife Ann was a Spanish teacher, but she wasn't concerned by this meeting, so she had probably left a few hours ago.

Patrick was almost home, walking through a dark backstreet, when he saw the dogboy. He was lying on the ground, with cuts and bruises on his face and probably other parts of his body, shivering from the cold. Patrick tried to wake him up. The boy moved a little, disturbed, but didn't come to. Patrick just couldn't leave him there, so he decided to take him home, hoping he wouldn't regret it later. The boy was heavy, but he didn't have to walk much longer to reach home, so that wasn't really a problem.


Warm, he felt warm, all traces of cold had disappeared and his wounds didn't hurt so much any more. There were arms holding him and a strong torso against his back. He felt safe now.

"It's okay, go back to sleep," a voice whispered in his ear. Then, a hand scratched his dog's ears, and his tail started to beat automatically until he fell back asleep.


What a nice dream! The browned-haired boy stretched, opening his eyes, and then, he saw another bed above his. That was definitely not his room. So all of it hadn't been a dream. He got up and walked tentatively out of the room.

There was a woman in the kitchen. "Oh, you're awake! Patrick, come here," she called towards another room. "I'm Ann and this is my husband Patrick who found you in the street last night. It's already half past one, you really needed to sleep, but you must be hungry now."

"I don't understand. Why are you doing this? I'm just a dog!"

"That doesn't matter. We would never leave a child outside in that cold," Patrick replied.

"I'm not a child! I'm already sixteen!"

Patrick laughed.

"I don't see what's so funny about it!"

"You sound like my son. He's only one year older than you and already thinks he's an adult. But that's not the point. What happened to you yesterday?"

"I got attacked. There's no need to make a fuss about it. That happens all the time to street dogs."

"It was already late, you should have been home."

The boy shrugged. "I don't have a home any more. My mother died last year, so I just squat here and there."

"Poor boy," Ann said with a pained expression. "Patrick, can't we do something about it? For now, here, have some lunch, you look like you need it." She was handing the boy a big plate of beef and rice.

"You're crazy, you don't know me, you don't even know my name. Why are you doing this? Stop playing with me!"

"We are serious. We don't have a dog here, so you could help us with various things. We're giving you a chance, it's up to you to take it, and we can all win from this situation. And about your name, what about telling us what it is?"

"Riwall," the boy answered in a low voice.

"So, what do you think of our offer, Riwall? Do you want to give it a try?"

"I don't know. Maybe," the boy answered before swallowing all the food as if he hadn't eaten in days… which might very well be the case, Patrick thought.


"Hello, doggie!" A bundle of eight-year-old pure energy launched herself at Riwall.

"Lizzie, don't annoy Riwall," her mother scolded her.

"But, Mum, I've always wanted a dog."

"He's a person, not a pet!" a dark-haired teenager said as he entered the kitchen. "Hi, I'm Thomas. You slept in my room last night. Do you feel better now?"

"Yes, much better."

"Dinner's ready. Lizzie, can you call your father, please?"

A couple of minutes later, they were all sitting around the table, when Patrick announced: "Lizzie, Thomas, your mother and I have talked with Riwall and have decided to keep him as our dog."

"Yay!" Lizzie screamed with joy.

Thomas didn't have the same reaction: "What are you talking about? You've always told us not to follow that system, that it's similar to slavery, and now, you want to make him our dog! I won't agree with that!"

"Thomas! I'm certainly not going to treat him like a slave. It's either that or he stays in the streets."

"That's easy to say. Anybody can say that. But you're still taking his freedom. And you, you're accepting that!" he added, glaring at Riwall, before heading for his bedroom and slamming the door.


A few days later, Patrick came back home bringing a brown leather collar with "Riwall - Waterly family" carved on the metal plate. He held up Riwall's hair that was normally down to the base of his neck and fastened the collar.

"That looks really good on you. Put it on each time you go out. If it's obvious that you are not a street dog, you'll be safer outside."

"Now that I live here, I go out for shopping during the day, but I'm rarely outside when it gets dangerous."

"I know, but better safe than sorry."


"What the hell is around your neck?" Thomas said, almost shouting.

"Your father bought me a collar."

"So, what's next? Is he going to buy you a chain or what?"

"Your father is nice with me, stop criticising him all the time!"

"Yes, good dog, defend your master! That's pitiful!"


Two weeks passed and Thomas was as cold as ever. Ann tried to talk with him, to explain what his father's intentions were, and that he shouldn't be as thick-headed as he was, but to no avail. Stubbornness definitely ran in the family's blood.

Riwall was sleeping in the same room as Thomas, but when they talked, they always ended up arguing. The situation was getting less and less bearable for Riwall.

"I'm sick of you! I can't take it any more. I didn't do anything wrong, so why the fuck do you hate me so much?"

"What? I… I don't hate you, you idiot. Okay, we're arguing a lot, but that's because I don't want you to be used by my father."

"I am not being used by your father! I already told you hundreds of times, I chose to stay here. Patrick trusted me and I'm thankful to him for giving me that chance. So just get over yourself and leave us alone!"

Riwall stomped out of the room, furious.

"Riwall, Riwall!" Lizzie came jumping around him. "You had another argument with my brother? You can sleep in my bed tonight if you want. Lots of my friends have their dogs sleep in their beds."

Riwall smiled, somewhat calmed by the little girl's kindness. "They're actual dogs, Lizzie, not dogpeople. Dogpeople don't sleep in their masters' beds."



"But you slept in the same bed as my brother the first night you were here."

Riwall's eyes widened.

"I… I don't hate you, you idiot."

Warm, he felt warm, all traces of cold had disappeared and his wounds didn't hurt so much any more. There were arms holding him and a strong torso against his back. He felt safe now.

"It's okay, go back to sleep," a voice whispered in his ear. Then, a hand scratched his dog's ears, and his tail started to beat automatically until he fell back asleep.

"I… I don't hate you, you idiot."

How could he have forgotten about that? Everything had been real, it hadn't been part of a dream. Riwall rushed into the bedroom.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"What are you talking about now?" Thomas asked, surprised.

"That night, you let me sleep in your arms."

Thomas looked embarrassed. "Well, you were tossing and turning as if you were having a really bad nightmare, and you weren't very warm either. I thought I could help."

"So, you're not just a hateful bastard, you can be gentle too."

"I am not a hateful bastard! And yes, of course, I can be gentle, who do you think I am?"

"Well, I didn't have much chance to see you being gentle so far."

"Is that a challenge?" Thomas asked, and he was already standing in front of Riwall, his piercing green eyes studying him attentively.

Riwall looked down, whispering: "Why not?"

He didn't have time to say more as Thomas' right hand went to his cheek and neck and as their lips touched. Thomas slid his tongue inside Riwall's mouth and slowly deepened the kiss. After a minute, his hand moved up to a dog's ear and began caressing it. Riwall shivered with pleasure and didn't even realise he was being pushed towards the bed until he met with it and fell. Thomas needed only a few seconds to lie on him and resume his kissing. He was still moving though, and Riwall thought that the teenager was looking for a more comfortable position, but soon, he felt a knee pressed against his groin and couldn't help from moaning quite loudly.

Thomas snickered: "Looks like you're already hard."

"Don't laugh, dogpeople are pretty sensitive."

"I can see that," he said before going back to kissing Riwall.

Thomas' hand was now slowly going down from Riwall's neck to his chest to his belly to his pants that he proceeded to unbutton and unzip. After undressing him just what was needed, he went up again to Riwall's belly, but his hand was now under the boy's tee-shirt. Riwall's abs were strong, as expected of someone who had been earning his living by doing manual jobs for a long time. Thomas kept caressing them, again and again, while kissing Riwall deeply. Then, he finally lowered his hand and started to stroke Riwall's hard member very slowly. Riwall moaned, protesting, bucking into Thomas' hand to increase the friction.

"Shhh! You wanted me to be gentle, so let me be gentle."

"That's not being gentle, that's torture!"

"Okay, okay!"

Thomas increased the rhythm and the pressure and Riwall stopped protesting, until Thomas took his hand away.

"What are you doing?"

Instead of answering, Thomas moved down and took Riwall into his mouth. The boy screamed, surprised. Thomas began licking Riwall's cock slowly, just like a lollipop, stroking his balls at the same time. Riwall was too far gone to protest at the torture, holding the sheets desperately, and when Thomas finally took him again into his mouth, he came at once, biting his tongue not to scream again. Then, Thomas went up to kiss him and share the taste with him.

"Was that gentle enough for you?" Thomas said with a grin.

The only answer he got was a pillow in his face.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower," Thomas announced.

In the bathroom, he undressed as fast as possible. He definitely needed a hot shower. Molesting Riwall was one thing, but he needed to be taken care of too. His skin was now hypersensitive from his arousal and the hot water tickling him was delicious. He had just begun to lather himself when a naked Riwall entered the shower.

"I thought you might need help with that."

He took the soap from Thomas' hands and started washing him himself. Thomas thought he was going to go crazy from the heat and Riwall's hands all over his body. He leant against the shower wall, closing his eyes, and let Riwall lather every part of his body until, after what felt like hours, Riwall finally began to wash his hardened member. He was doing it just like he had done for every other part, very slowly, and Thomas understood the torture he had imposed on Riwall just a few moments ago. Still, he didn't complain. That felt so good, he could wait longer, even though his body was craving for release.

"Wash me now."

"What?" Thomas asked, trying to emerge from his daydream state.

"It's your turn, wash me," Riwall repeated.

Oh, he really intended to torture him, then. So be it! Thomas took the soap and washed every part of this wonderful body, this delicious-looking skin that was making him hungry. Riwall was turning hard again under Thomas' caresses, and Thomas felt even harder than before. Riwall didn't intend to make him wait much longer, did he?

But then, Riwall turned off the water, gave Thomas a towel, and dried himself with another one.

As they both left the bathroom, Riwall asked: "I hope you have condoms and lube, because, as you can see, I'm in for another round."

Thomas almost sighed with relief.

Riwall smirked: "You were worried, weren't you? That I would leave you like this."


"See, you're not the only one who can act like one," Riwall answered with a wink.

"You know, you smell like a wet dog!"

Riwall shook his hair quickly, sending water droplets at Thomas. "I'm a dog anyway," he replied, sticking his tongue out.

Thomas was in no state to argue right now. He took the condoms and the lube in his night table, and while he was putting on a condom, Riwall started to prep himself, covering his own fingers with lube and inserting them one by one inside his body. God, he was so hot doing that, Thomas just couldn't take his eyes off the boy.

"I'm ready," Riwall finally announced. "Lie down."


Riwall gave a quick kiss to Thomas and pushed him onto the bed. Then, he positioned himself one knee on each side of Thomas, took Thomas' cock in his hand and began to slowly impale himself on it. Thomas' breath got quicker at once. He knew he couldn't wait much longer, but he needed to let Riwall adjust. Fortunately for his sanity, Riwall started to move not long after. Thomas let him do all the work for some time, then he grabbed Riwall's cock and stroked it faster and faster. Riwall also increased his rhythm and Thomas could only focus on this heat, Riwall's heat, and all of a sudden, he was coming violently, forgetting everything else in the world. Riwall laughed when he saw Thomas looking utterly debauched under him. Such a perfect sight! He kept going up and down for a little longer, grabbing Thomas' hand and helping him jerking him off, and finally came over Thomas' stomach. After cautiously getting Thomas out of his body, Riwall proceeded to lick his come off the other boy's belly, before snuggling up to him.

Then, he whispered: "Maybe we'll need another shower after all." Thomas thought that Riwall was almost purring, even though he was a dog.

"Just let me sleep for now," he mumbled with a satisfied smile, as he held Riwall closer to him.
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