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Book meme Part 2

I sometimes use the 10-book meme I did a few years ago as a rec list, so I thought it would be helpful to do an update with books I've read since then.

11. Astreiant by Melissa Scott and Lisa Barnett: m/m murder mystery/fantasy. It's not uncommon for fantasy novels to start with an investigation before veering into action territory. I like that this always remains focused on the investigation.

12. Alpennia by Heather Rose Jones: f/f fantasy of manners. This series is inspired by Ellen Kushner's Privilege of the Sword (see #2), with even more f/f. The magic system is very detailed and always fascinating.

13. Parallel Parks by Bailey Cunningham: f/f portal fantasy with some m/m. This is original for a portal fantasy as the characters go back and forth every day. It was hard to get into it, though, because of the excessive use of Latin and the lack of a glossary in the first book (one was added in the following books).

14. An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows: portal fantasy with some f/f + polyamory in the background. I love the plot and the cast of diverse women. I can't wait for the sequel(s), as there's potential for a whole saga in this.

15. The Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone: urban fantasy set in a secondary world with a trans woman protagonist in the third book. Now that I've read these books, I wonder why there's not more secondary-world urban fantasy out there, because this is an amazing concept.

16. The Hollows by Kim Harrison: urban fantasy with some f/f. I was looking for something in the same vein as Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson (see #8) – a long urban fantasy series with queer content – and this was it. The third book was a little too focused on romance for my taste, but everything else was great.

17. The Gale Women by Tanya Huff: f/f/m urban fantasy. I'm slowly making my way through Tanya Huff's bibliography and this is my favourite so far. It deals with a strange family of witches.

18. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr: urban fantasy with some m/m and polyamory (YA). This is much more focused on romance (including het) than what I usually go for, but it was definitely worth the read.

19. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: science fiction with some f/f. This is a feel-good story full of diverse human and alien characters. Note that it isn't a parody, despite what the title might make you think.

20. All for the Game by Nora Sakavic: m/m thriller/sports. This is more violent than what I'm used to, and yet it worked for me. Actually, it worked so well that it’s now my favourite series by far. The characters and their sport (invented by the author) feel completely real.
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