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Book meme

Taken from just_ann_now: 10 Books in no particular order that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than few minutes and don't try to list the "right" or "great" works.

1. Nightrunner by Lynn Flewelling: m/m heroic fantasy. I love the first three books, especially the second one. I'm not big on books 4 and 5, but book 6 was back to the spirit of the original trilogy.

2. Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner: m/m fantasy of manners with some f/f in the later books. I love Privilege of the Sword as much as Swordspoint. The Fall of the Kings is a bit less to my taste. But what I really like about this series is that each book somewhat belongs to a different genre, while there's still a unity to the whole thing.

3. Elemental Logic by Laurie J. Marks: f/f heroic fantasy with some m/m + polyamory in the background. I absolutely love this series. I don't think it's very famous and it makes me sad because it deserves to be. The author is a friend of Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman's and her writing is of the same quality.

4. Warriors of Estavia by Fiona Patton: m/m mythological fantasy with some f/f and genderbending. I really love how the Gods actively interact with humans in this series.

5. Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett: m/m heroic fantasy. It makes me happy to see fandomers getting their original work out there, because you can feel the influence of fandom on their work and it makes for some fun reading.

6. Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg: m/m heroic fantasy. This is told from the point of view of the magic practitioners, which means it is against the Pendragons. It probably contributed to how rapidly I rejected the (lack of) morals of Merlin Season 2.

7. The Inheritance Trilogy by NK Jemisin: m/m/f mythological fantasy. This series broke my heart into pieces and glued them back together. Again (see #4), I love how the Gods actively interact with humans.

8. Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs: urban fantasy with some m/m, especially in the first two books. I adore everything by this author, but this series is definitely my favourite. I have so much love for all the characters.

9. Chroniques du Pays des Mères – aka In the Mothers' Land – by Elisabeth Vonarburg: f/f science fiction with some m/m and polyamory. I have several books with the trope of worlds mostly or only inhabited by women (and one by men) and this is my favourite. It's all about characterisation and world-building and it is amazing.

10. Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie: science fiction that has zero fuck to give about gender. This is my most recent read, but I know it will stay with me for a long time thanks to its mind-blowing concepts, such as being told from the point of view of a character that used to be part of the collective consciousness of a starship AI.
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