September 15th, 2021

Sense8 - Nomi and Amanita

Y: The Last Man + You vs Wild: Out Cold

The first 3 episodes of Y: The Last Man were excellent. Every mammal with a Y chromosome dies, except for Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand.

This is based on a comics by Brian K. Vaughan (Runaways, Saga) from 2002. I haven't read it, but I've been hearing of adaptation projects for many years. With the pandemic, it clearly doesn't have the best timing, same as Christina Sweeney-Baird's novel The End of Men, which I talked about here.

This show has a lot of little-known actresses, including many WOC. The only one I've recognised so far is Jess Salgueiro (Christine), who played the police officer in Tiny Pretty Things.

There hasn't been any f/f yet, but there is a trans male character played by a trans actor. I've also noticed Charlie Jane Anders' name in the ending credits, she's a famous trans writer.


You vs Wild: Out Cold was very fun! ^__^ It's a Netflix interactive movie, like Animals on the Loose, which I talked about here. There's also a series of 8 episodes, which I haven't watched yet.

In this new story, Bear Grylls hurts his head and gets amnesia, so he doesn't give as many clues as in the previous film. But I only got him killed once. Oops... Sorry, Bear!