September 2nd, 2021

X-Men - Xavier and Magneto

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was brilliant! ^__^ It was a lot more on the fantasy side than I expected from the trailers.

I was a bit wary because so far Marvel has done very little regarding Asian representation. But they did an excellent job here. I expected a little Chinese language, and there was actually a lot of it. Good timing on starting to study Chinese, self! I understood a few words here and there.

In terms of intersectionality, the female representation was great as well.

As usual, there are 2 mid-/post-credits scenes.

I hope this will encourage some of you to check out more Chinese and Chinese American works. Here are a few recs:
- My favourite movie: The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity, available on Netflix (not to be mixed up with The Yin Yang Master, also on Netflix, though it's pretty good too)
- My favourite drama: currently watching (so no spoilers, please) Word of Honor, available on Viki and, in some countries, on Netflix as well
- My favourite donghua: Heaven Official's Blessing, available on Netflix
- My favourite books: the Genie Lo duology by FC Yee