July 11th, 2021

Star Trek - Kirk and Spock

The Stone Wētā by Octavia Cade + The Gargoyle Gets a Girlfriend by Calandra Hunter

The novella The Stone Wētā by Octavia Cade was fascinating. An international network of scientists secretly preserve climate data by exchanging drives, because their governments manipulate what gets published online.

I've read some fantasy novels with cli-fi vibes, but this was my first time reading proper cli-fi and it was chilling. Each chapter follows a different scientist with a code name (an animal or a plant), except for the first and last chapters that have short sections showing all of them. You might feel a bit lost when you start reading, but it quickly gets easier to follow.

All the scientists of this secret network are women, because the leader knows that they'll be more overlooked than men. One of these women is trans.

The locations are interesting too, especially Antarctica, the ISS and Mars.


The novella The Gargoyle Gets a Girlfriend by Calandra Hunter was fun. A park ranger, who's also a gargoyle shifter, needs to avoid attention after footage of a giant-bat monster gets released online.

I loved the Gargoyles cartoon, but a gargoyle shifter is something new. :-)

This is a paranormal romance from new f/f publisher Kalikoi. Check them out!