July 7th, 2021

Loveless - Soubi

Young Royals + The Tomorrow War

Young Royals was amazing! :D After a fight, Prince Wilhelm is sent to a boarding school.

This is basically the Swedish Elite (a bit quieter). I've seen a few Swedish LGBT movies and they were all great, so I had high hopes for this TV series and they were brilliantly met.

I love that Netflix is providing us with a gay prince story. I ship these guys so much! ♥_♥ Have a sweet fanvid (no big spoilers)! Amazon has had the rights for Red, White & Royal Blue for a couple of years, so I hope they'll deliver the goods soon.

Also, there's a girl with autism and ADHD.


The Tomorrow War, now available on Amazon, was average. People need to go fight aliens 28 years in the future.

I liked the focus on scientific research. I didn't like the scenes where they were shooting at aliens, because that was simply boring.

The movie was good with Black representation, but bad with other POC rep (an issue that is also common with Marvel).