February 9th, 2021

Nobuta wo Produce - Shuji to Akira

Space Sweepers + The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Space Sweepers was so much fun! :D The crew of a space junk collector ship must save Earth from a bomb.

It's a Netflix Korean movie. All the main characters are Korean, but space is international, so some lines are in English, French, Spanish, etc. It's really nice.

It has a super cool robot, who narrates this featurette, and I'm in love with the lady captain. <3

This is one of the best space movies out there. Go for it! I'll probably do a rewatch soon.


The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity was fascinating. Four Yin-Yang Masters must stop a serpent demon from escaping its seal.

It's a Chinese movie (based on a Japanese novel) distributed by Netflix. Fantasy films are rare and I enjoyed this one, despite a slow start. It was very pretty to look at, especially the martial arts and the magic.

Chinese productions sadly can't have LGBT representation, but damn, they're really good at m/m subtext! ♥_♥ I found one (spoilery) fanvid, but I hope there'll be more.

I might rewatch this one too. tinnny, have you seen it?