February 5th, 2020

The Secret Circle - Diana Adam Cassie

Runaways Season 3 + Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Runaways Season 3 was really great! The pacing was better than S2. I guess 10-episode seasons suit this show best.

I enjoyed the crossover with Cloak & Dagger. I wasn't a big fan of that show, but the characters fit well into the Runaways universe.

The f/f was excellent. <3 This is definitely the best LGBT representation we got from Marvel TV. I'm gonna miss these girls.

Way back, I read a primer on the Runaways comics and I remember that Xavin sometimes presented as male and sometimes as female. In the show, Xavin always presents as female. So that was disappointing.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 was awesome, as usual! :D

The show was transferred from Fox to NBC in the US, so I wasn't sure Netflix France would get the new seasons. I was very happy when I saw that they had added S6.

Plus, my least favourite character, Gina, was only in a handful of episodes.