December 6th, 2019

The Secret Circle - Diana Adam Cassie

Crier's War by Nina Varela + Hoshiai no Sora S1E08

Crier's War by Nina Varela was excellent. Automae rule over humans. Ayla, a member of the Resistance, becomes the handmaiden to Lady Crier.

Nina Varela wrote some of the best fanfics I've ever read (I don't have any links because she took them down). I'm so happy that her book got a big publisher (Harper) and a lot of buzz. All well-deserved!

It has major f/f. It's so sweet that her dedication is to queer readers. <3


Hoshiai no Sora is the new Yuri on Ice! \o/ Yuri on Ice was the first sports anime with canon m/m. Hoshiai no Sora is the first sports anime (as far as I can tell) with a canon non-binary character. And there were also mentions of a trans man.