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September 22nd, 2019

People Like Us by Dana Mele was great. After the death of one of her classmates, Kay starts getting blackmailed.

This is a solid YA thriller. I'm a little proud that I guessed who the killer was.

This isn't an f/f book, but there are several queer female characters, including the protagonist.


Carnival Row was pretty good. It was created by Travis Beacham, who also wrote Pacific Rim, so of course I was interested.

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne played the leads, but I cared much more about Mr Agreus' storyline. He's a Black Puck who bought a house in a rich human neighbourhood. Fighting speciesism one day at a time! <3


Shanghai Fortress is a Chinese sci-fi movie. I enjoyed The Wandering Earth, so I thought I'd try this one too. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as The Wandering Earth. It was mostly people shooting at alien robots, which was a little boring.