February 19th, 2018

The Secret Circle - Diana Adam Cassie

That Inevitable Victorian Thing by EK Johnston

That Inevitable Victorian Thing by EK Johnston takes place in an alternate universe where Queen Victoria I named her daughter Victoria (instead of her son Edward) as her heir and had her descendents marry nobles of colour from all over the British Empire.

In the near future, Crown Princess Margaret secretly goes on vacation in Ontario during the debutante season. There, she meets Helena and August, a young couple about to get engaged.

I had heard that this book had polyamory, but it turned out that there was quite a lot of cheating before that, which is not how polyamory is supposed to work... Apart from that, it was a lovely novel, with diverse main characters. Margaret is Black, August has half-Irish, half-Hong Kong Chinese origins and Helena learns during the story that she's [Spoiler]intersex.