February 1st, 2018

The Secret Circle - Diana Adam Cassie

The Outlands Pentalogy by Rebecca Crunden

I'm all caught up with the first three tomes of The Outlands Pentalogy by Rebecca Crunden. ^__^ Catherine, the daughter of the King's Hangman, and Nate, one of the leaders of the rebellion, must run away from Cutta together. This is sci-fi not only because it's a dystopia, but also because some characters have powers (which is more relevant to my interests).

Each tome has a different POV: Catherine – who's a woman of colour – in Book 1, Nate in Book 2, and then Book 3 is the one with the m/m pairing. ♥ It's written so that you can start with Book 3 if you're only here for the m/m, but the stories are related, so it's definitely worth it to read the first two books. Also, Nate rocks! <3

Pity there aren't any fanfics yet, because now I'm in the mood for [Not canon but still spoilery]some Thom/Kitty/Nate action. Sorry, not sorry, Charlie! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯