October 14th, 2011

Star Trek - Kirk and Spock

The Three Musketeers + Hana wa Saku ka

I hadn't seen a movie in a while, so I was very excited about The Three Musketeers. ^__^ I even chose a 3D showing (though, as usual, the action didn't seem to come close to me often enough).

The movie was super enjoyable! :D Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) was adorable, Orlando Bloom was his sexy self, Milla Jovovich was badass and Juno Temple (Saint Trinian's, Kaboom) was impressive as the Queen. Also, I was surprised to see James Corden (Craig in Doctor Who).


Taifu has just published the first volume of Hana wa Saku ka by Hidaka Shoko. <3 I love this BL mangaka and I've bought all of her titles released in France so far.

This story is about art and quality of life. It's sweet and realistic, and the chara design is once again very pretty. :-)


rachelmanija (of Say Yes To Gay YA fame) is setting up a "Permanent Floating YA Diversity Book Club". The October/November theme is "YA SFF with an LGBTQ protagonist". She has set up a poll here to select the first novel.