Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Threesome ^__^

You guys, the British make the most brilliant shows! \o/

I'm all caught up with the first four episodes of Threesome. It deals with a couple, Mitch and Alice, who live with their gay best friend, Richie. They have a threesome for Alice's birthday (we don't get to see it, but we see the guys kissing ^^) and she gets pregnant from Richie (due to condom failure), so they all decide to raise the kid as a trio. Not exactly a polyamory trio, though sometimes it looks like it, but at least a family trio. ^__^

Richie is played by the gorgeous Emun Elliott, who played Jay in the lesbian show Lip Service and who's apparently in Game of Thrones. He's the second one, since Roxanne McKee (Lou in Lip Service) plays Doreah, Khaleesi's servant, in Game of Thrones.

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