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Inception: Best of Both Worlds

I've been spending way too much time talking with correze about how Talulah Riley (lead actress of the Saint Trinian's movies) makes genderbending so hot. And it's canon, so of course it demanded fic. Enjoy!

Title: Best of Both Worlds
Pairings: Eames/Arthur, Arthur/Girl!Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1550
Summary: Arthur may lack imagination, but Eames has enough for two.
Disclaimer: Inception isn't mine, it belongs to Chris Nolan.

Cobb had found them a new job. They were still in the early preparation stage, but it looked relatively easy. It was an extraction job on the director of the corporate division of a major banking group. They had to find information on the end-of-year results of several companies before they were officially announced. Extraction wasn't cheap, but their client would make enough money on the Stock Exchange with this intel that he could afford to pay their fees and still go on a trip around the world afterwards if he wanted.

"The mark is a client of Selenium, a hostess agency. He has a few regulars there. He hires them for cocktails, dinner parties and other nightly activities. Eames, see if there's one in particular that you could impersonate during the extraction."

"Okay, boss."

"Oh, Eames, your job is always appallingly difficult," Arthur lamented.

"It's fine, Arthur, thank you for worrying, but I assure you it's easier when you know how to please the ladies."

Arthur raised an eyebrow.

Eames smirked at him.


The thing is, Arthur can please the ladies perfectly well, Eames knows it from personal experience. When Eames first suggested it, Arthur wasn't very convinced. He told him he didn't have any problems having sex with other men, thank you very much. To which Eames answered that Arthur had no imagination, that it was just for fun, and that dreamside they could have the best of both worlds, so why choose? Once they were in the dream, though, Arthur didn't complain any more, and now they were doing it on a regular basis. Of course, that wasn't particularly surprising. In all humility, Eames must admit he's one of the hottest girls he's ever seen.

They played the game again just two nights ago. They appeared in an elegant hotel room, with a king-size bed, a white leather couch, a giant TV screen, an aquarium filled with exotic fish, and oh, that was new, a full-length mirror. Arthur was wearing a three-piece suit, which made him look very sexy but clearly had too many layers. Eames was wearing her little black dress. She had tried others before, but she knew Arthur was crazy about that one. She was also barefoot and the carpet was soft under her feet.

"Come here," Arthur said in a low voice. He took her in his arms so that they were both facing the mirror. "Look at you, you look positively delicious."

"Glad you like it, darling."

Arthur kept an arm around her waist while he moved her blond hair to one side and started kissing her neck hungrily. His hand followed her body, he cupped one of her breasts and she moaned, feeling herself getting wet. His hand kept sliding down, first caressing her belly, that was so sensitive right now, then reaching the inside of her thigh, and going up and down and up and down...



"Get on with it, would you?"

He chuckled: "Always so impatient..."

He took a step backwards, unhooked her dress and slowly took the straps off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor, pooling around her feet. Her bra and panties were both made of black lace and he smiled at the sight greeting him in the mirror. He put a hand on her hip, dragged her towards him, literally slid his hand into her panties and entered a finger inside her. She moaned and threw her head back onto his shoulder. A second finger joined the first and he started fingering her rapidly. She was completely entranced in his actions, but she didn't notice when he moved his hand just so that he could press her clit with his thumb. Her knees buckled and all that kept her from falling was Arthur holding onto her.

"Careful, Miss Eames, we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. Would you like to go to the bed?"

Eames laughed: "When have I ever said no to this question?"


Arthur led her to the bed and pushed her on her back. He joined her on the bed, placed himself above her and unhooked her bra. Then he began to take her panties little by little down her legs.

"Arthur, you do look good in a suit, but why exactly are you still wearing so many clothes while I'm already naked?"

"What clothes?" Arthur asked, and in the blink of an eye, he was naked too.

"That's much better. See, it wasn't that difficult," she said before biting her lower lip sexily.

Arthur smiled, grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. He positioned himself above her and penetrated her with one swift movement. She arched her back, welcoming him inside her, and he started moving slowly and deeply. He was more gentle than he was topside, but probably less so than he was with other girls. She liked it a little rough anyway, and soon he took a quicker pace. She wanted to kiss him desperately, but he was too far away from her, and she couldn't drag him closer as he was still holding her hands. Actually, she enjoyed that too. Finally, he noticed what she was trying to do, lowered himself and kissed her thoroughly. One of his hands let her go, she put her arm around his back and gave as much as she was getting. She was really wet now and needed more, so much more. That was when she realised that his unoccupied hand was sliding along her body until he moved slightly on the side to get better access to her belly. As he pushed deep inside her, he pressed her clit as well and a fire exploded between her legs. He increased his pace as she was moaning loudly, pleasure fogging her mind. She finally lost it as he was coming inside her.

She opened her eyes a minute later... no, he opened his eyes. The dose of sedative was low enough that the orgasm had acted like a kick. Eames turned to the side where Arthur was slowly emerging from the dream. He took the IV out of his arm and did the same for Arthur. He was very horny, and from the look of things, so was Arthur. They weren't teenagers, and coming in the dream didn't mean coming in the real world. To be honest, it had happened once or twice, because having sex with Arthur was incredibly hot whether it was real or not. But not today.

Eames crawled towards the end of the bed, took Arthur's cock in his hand and licked it a couple of times. He could already taste the pre-come on his tongue. Then he took Arthur in his mouth and started pumping.

"What a nice way to wake up," Arthur purred at him.

Eames felt like replying something, but he wasn't fully awake yet, and he didn't think Arthur would like it much if he stopped doing what he was currently doing with his mouth. As he kept pleasuring Arthur, he took his own dick in his free hand and began to jerk himself off. He was already close. Dreams were the best foreplay he knew, especially when he was a woman. The rarity of it made it all the more special, though it wasn't exactly rare for them these days. Suddenly, he felt Arthur's hand in his hair, encouraging him to go faster. The way he was placed on the bed didn't make it easy, but he did his best to comply. Arthur was getting harder in his mouth and it was clear that he was having more and more difficulty not moving too much. Eames then decided to hum and the vibrations simply overwhelmed Arthur. He stood still for a second, and orgasm hit him. Eames swallowed as much as he could. He kept jerking himself at the same time, faster and faster, and then he was coming on the sheets, spent but fully satisfied.

After a moment, he crawled back up the bed and took Arthur in his arms. At the end of a long day of work, Arthur pretended he didn't like cuddling, but after two orgasms, he was tamed enough and didn't try to protest.

"Sweet dreams, darling."

"Good night, Eames."


"Arthur, get me all the information you can and I'll make a detailed extraction plan. Ariadne, you'll need to build the hotel room that the mark uses with the hostesses. Arthur, when you research that part, take her with you so that she can get a good feel of the layout."

"Now who has a difficult job?" Eames commented.

"I'll have you know, Eames, that some of us are professionals."

"That's what she said," Eames replied.

Arthur rolled his eyes.

Cobb just ignored them. "Yusuf, if your new chemical is ready in time, we'll use it. Keep me up to date with your progress. We'll meet again in three days, you all know what you have to do."

They said their goodbyes and Eames left to do his work at Selenium. Arthur followed Cobb to ask him a few additional questions. Ariadne looked at Yusuf and whispered with a hint of pity in her voice: "These two should get a room already."

Yusuf nodded at her with a thoughtful look.
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