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The Gates: Mates

Those of you who read werewolf homoerotica know that werewolves can recognise their mates usually by getting horny around them. So, I think Lukas already knows that Brett is his mate. Brett doesn't, probably because of Andie's pheromones. Hopefully, it won't last. In the meantime, here's fanfiction! ^_^

Title: Mates
Pairing: Lukas/Brett
Rating: R
Word Count: 1450
Summary: It's not easy every day to be a teenage werewolf.
Disclaimer: The Gates isn't mine, it belongs to ABC.

The kiss felt wonderful, but he needed more, much more. He raised his hips, trying to increase the friction between them. The more skin he could feel, the better. Warm hands were roaming over his body. He was being kissed in the neck, licked, and then kissed some more. One of his partner's hands was sliding down along his belly, but it was way too slow. There was loud music in the background. He was hot, he couldn't bear it any more. He lifted his hips again in despair. Finally, he was grabbed, and he felt a wave of pleasure rise in him. He was so close. The other bit him hard in the neck and he came...

What the fuck had that been? Brett shut off his radio alarm violently and turned around with a grunt. Four or five times in the last two weeks, he couldn't believe it! Being a teenager sucked! And why couldn't he get out of his head the idea that Lukas was the one featuring in his dreams? It wasn't clear, and the dream was fading away already, but he couldn't stop thinking about it.


Brett entered the school right on time. He had taken way too long in the shower trying to get his head straight, had ended up being late and had had to run all the way there. Well, at least that would make up for the lack of football practice and he would stay fit. He walked up to his locker and put his books in his bag.

"Hey, Crezski, I haven't seen you in a while."

Great, just what he needed! "I'm here every day."

Lukas got closer to him and... was he sniffing him? The day was just getting weirder and weirder. "You know that's not what I meant. Run with us tonight!"

"I'm not in the mood."

Lukas let out a low chuckle. "Of course you're not, you haven't been running in two weeks. I thought by now you would have realised you needed this."

"Maybe I don't any more!" Brett snapped at him.

"Whoa, I seriously doubt that," Lukas replied, looking insufferably smug.

"Don't provoke me! You wouldn't like the result!" Brett said with a glare.

"Oh, just let me be the judge of that," Lukas smirked.

"I have to go to class now."

A sleeveless, muscled arm suddenly banged on the locker, blocking his way. "Listen to my advice, Crezski. Running will help you feel better."

"Leave me alone!" He went around Lukas and headed for his Spanish class. Running was the last thing he needed. Running meant getting naked near Lukas, and that was definitely a bad idea. And yet Lukas wasn't wrong, it was probably the only way he would manage to get less edgy.

"Hi, Brett! Are you coming with us tonight?"

"Lexie!" He had been so lost in his thoughts he hadn't noticed her approaching. He passed his hand through his hair. "I don't know. I'm not sure it's such a good idea."

"You look tired. Maybe that'll help you relax?"

"Yes, maybe."

Damn, why was everybody tempting him today? The idea was getting more and more attractive. He could go running alone, he had already done it. Lukas would get pissed, but that was better than the alternative.


Finally, it was dark. The day had been very slow since Brett had decided to go running. He hadn't realised how much he missed it until then. He stripped off his shirt on the edge of the wood, opened his trousers and shifted. He was confused for an instant as his body rearranged itself, but then he felt the wind through his fur and everything was right again.

The wolf launched himself at full speed, jumping over fallen trees and bushes, frightening birds and rabbits away. He didn't feel like hunting tonight, he wasn't hungry, he just wanted to run. Nature was his territory, there was no limit, he was free. The moon was shining in the sky, basking him in its protective light. He stopped to howl at it. The air was fresh and wet, and he could smell something familiar. The other wolves.


They were close, but they were going away from him. He started running towards them. He was powerful, he was certain that he could catch up with them. The more he was running, the closer he was getting. They weren't fast. Were they waiting for him? The wind wasn't in the right direction for them to smell him, but maybe they had heard him.

He was almost upon them. The first wolf he saw was the white one. He greeted the alpha with a headbutt. The other wolf took advantage of it to catch his left ear and started chewing on it.


He tried to stop him with his paw, but to no avail. After a few tries, though, the white wolf lay down on his side, he fell on him and they rolled on the ground, crushing the leaves under them. He ended up under the alpha and bared his throat in surrender. The other wolf crawled over him and licked his nose, before getting up, walking towards the rest of the pack and then turning back, as if waiting for him.

He rose to his paws and joined the others. They started running again, together now, their flanks even touching from time to time.


The pack was fast, much faster than before. So they had been waiting for him after all. But now they weren't letting anything stop them, this place was theirs and they could do as they pleased forever. There were no boundaries.

They ran for a long time, until they started getting tired. The alpha led them back to the city and he followed, even though he could have run longer. When the pack reached the meeting point, he left them behind as his human things were further away, but he knew the white-wolf-turned-human was going with him. When he reached the place, he changed back as well. The disorientation only lasted a few seconds.

"So, do you feel better?" Lukas asked as he was putting on the clothes he had grabbed at the meeting point.

Brett thought about it. He felt calmer, more balanced. Once again, running had done miracles on him. "Apparently."

"I told you so," Lukas grinned.

Brett was still naked and Lukas was way too close. Not a good idea, however clear-headed he felt. He backed away a few steps and bumped into a tree. The bark scraped his back, but that was the least of his concerns as Lukas was now standing right in front of him.

"Why are you trying to avoid me?"

"I'm not."


"I'm not lying!" Brett protested, even though he knew very well he was.

Lukas raised his eyebrows. "Really? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding."


Lukas suddenly looked more serious. "You know, you don't have to make things so complicated. When we go running, everything's simple."

"But not when we're humans."

"It's more complex, but it doesn't have to be torture either."

"You don't know what you're talking about," Brett pleaded.

"Try me and you'll see!"

Brett couldn't resist any more. He grabbed Lukas by the collar of his shirt, dragged him to him and ravaged his mouth. He had no idea what he was doing, the dreams had been blurry, but Lukas was feeling delicious and that was all that really mattered. He was getting aroused and he was sure Lukas could feel it against his thigh.

"Definitely not misunderstanding, then," Lukas mumbled against Brett's lips.

"Shut up and keep doing what you were doing."

"Whatever makes you happy, Crezski!"

Lukas put his right hand behind Brett's neck and kissed him again, rubbing their tongues together in a maddeningly slow way. With his other hand, he started caressing Brett's arm. That felt really good as well.

"Oh my God!"

He was cursed! What was Lexie doing here? She wasn't supposed to see that. And actually he wasn't supposed to be doing that at all.

"Guys, where's a camera when you need one?"

Okay, did that mean she was taking it well? And the other werewolves had joined them too and were now standing beside her.

"Welcome to the pack, Brett!"

"Damn, you took your sweet time! I thought Lukas was going to turn crazy waiting for you."

Brett felt so embarrassed, he wanted to bury himself into the ground. Did they all have to make comments? He didn't even know himself where this was going.

Then, a warm, protective hand rested on his hip. "Don't worry," Lukas whispered in his ear, "it means they like you."
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