Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Merlin: The Power Of The Moonlight

I wrote Merlin femslash. Enjoy! :-)

Title: The Power Of The Moonlight
Pairing: Morgause/Morgana
Rating: R
Word Count: 618
Summary: Together, Morgause and Morgana are invincible.
Disclaimer: Merlin isn't mine, this version belongs to the BBC.

The druids had marched on Camelot at dawn, accompanied by the Knights of Medhir. Someone had seen them coming from afar and had run to alert the King. Uther had sent the Prince to fight them before they reached the inhabited areas. Arthur had left immediately with most of the knights, leaving Merlin behind. He had met the enemy in the fields, far enough from Camelot that it looked small in the distance, and had ordered the knights to get in formation. Even then, they had not known that this battle was only a trap. Only half of the combatants had been there, and the rest had soon attacked the castle without meeting much resistance.

The villagers were now fleeing as fast as possible, taking with them only what they thought they would need the most. The bigger houses had been set on fire and nothing could be done any more to stop it. Nobody had seen the King in the last hour, and some rumours had it that he had fallen, but whatever had happened to him, it was clear that he was not going to be able to protect them against this.

Ignoring the general confusion, Morgause and Morgana walked up to the castle, both wearing long white dresses and crystal necklaces, red for Morgause and purple for Morgana.

"The time has come. Are you ready?" Morgause asked, even though she already knew the answer, could practically feel it in the air surrounding them.

"I've never been as ready in my life," Morgana replied, her voice slightly trembling. "I just wish Mordred could be here today."

"You're the one who didn't want him to come with us," Morgause commented, amused.

"He's too young to witness this battle. He's already seen so many horrors, he's better off at home. Still, this is the day of our victory, I can't help but miss him."

"You will have tales for him, afterwards. He will like that."

Then, Morgause uttered the spell, her right hand lifted towards the castle, and high flames started spreading around the walls, through the doors and the windows, and into the building.

"Stop! You can't do that!" Merlin shouted at Morgause in a desperate voice, running towards her. "I'm more powerful than you, I won't let you!" His eyes shone brightly, and the flames receded in front of his wordless magic.

"You can't stop us, Merlin. And why do you even want to when you should be by our side right now?" Morgana shook her head, knowing very well he would never see reason.

"Why do you do this, Morgana? I don't recognise you!"

"I'm the one who can't recognise you any more, Merlin."

She approached Morgause to take her left hand in her right one, and as their fingers slowly entwined and their palms made contact, she felt her magic flow and join Morgause's spell. Merlin prepared himself to stop twice the energy he had been blocking so far, but he had not been ready for such a powerful assault.

Morgause and Morgana had performed fertility rites under the full moon of the previous night, their bodies embracing in the play of lights and shadows of the fire, the night breeze caressing their heated skin, the flames rising high as their desire reached its peak, and they had become the vessels of the land, the energy of nature itself now pouring through their bodies.

Even the best wizard would be impotent in front of such power, and Merlin soon felt his magic falter, betray him little by little against the irresistible force coming from the two women, before he collapsed at their feet.

They watched Camelot burn, the old religion finally reclaiming its rights.
Tags: fic, merlin

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