Profiterole (_profiterole_) wrote,

Hey! Class President + Switch OVA 2

Aarinfantasy has just released the first OVA of Hey! Class President. OMG, it's so bad it's lolarious! XD

At least, Chiga's chara design is different from what you usually see, and I actually quite like it. Plus, the SD faces are great. ^^

You can download it here or here. (Thanks for the link and the upload to MU, absolute_enigma!)


Also, Ryuu-Rogue has just released the second OVA of Switch after more than a year. *celebrates*

The plot is awesome, and very slashable! ^__^ Though we don't get any answers about the characters here, I suppose they're all in the manga.

You can download it here as part of a batch. (Thanks to castor for this link!)
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