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Star Trek: Of The Usefulness Of Bookmarks

This is Crack. RPS. With Porn. In answer to this prompt at trek_rpf_kink. Have fun, my lovelies! ^__^

Title: Of The Usefulness Of Bookmarks
Pairing: Chris/Zach
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1162
Prompt: Chris reads Zach's Playboy interview where he mentions knowing about K/S slash and tries to find it on Zach's computer. Instead he finds Pinto fics bookmarked by Zach (and/or the rest of this RPF loveliness)! And then Zach catches him. (Sexytimes can ensue.)
Disclaimer: Pinto isn't mine.

Zach struggled to unlock the door, panting hard. Two seconds after it finally opened, he got pushed inside under the weight of a very impatient Chris.

"Man, I'm beat!" Chris exclaimed before collapsing on Zach's sofa. "I'm pretty sure I could run longer than that while we were shooting."

"We need to stay fit. Well, I need to stay fit, and you need to lose your gut," Zach laughed.

"You'll never get tired of that joke, am I right?"

"I don't think so. Not as long as it works so well. Anyway, do you want to take a shower?"

"Go first. I'm going to stay dead on your couch a little longer."

"Suit yourself. I won't be long."

On the way to the bathroom, Zach heard Chris call him: "Hey, do you mind if I use your computer to check my emails?"

"No problem. Make yourself at home."


When Zach came back to the living room, Chris was still on the computer. But what he could see on the screen wasn't the Gmail page. It looked scarily like LiveJournal. More specifically like a fic post. And that could only mean two things: either Chris had the same weird tastes he had or he had clicked on one of Zach's bookmarks. Unfortunately, the latter seemed much more likely and he had no idea how he could explain that to Chris. At least he didn't have to wait long before Chris noticed his presence in the room and turned around.

"Hey, you've mentioned the Spork love in interviews, but I had no idea there was porn out there about us! Not Kirk and Spock. You and me. That's… I have no word."

"Creepy," Zach supplied with a low voice. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best way to justify himself. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Zach!

"Yeah, that's a little creepy, isn't it? But it's awesome too! People are writing porn about me. How awesome am I?" Chris exclaimed happily. Happily! Zach was there, worrying about his friend's reaction, and Chris was all gleeful about it.

"Try megalomaniac."

"I like this one, me-ga-lo-ma-ni-ac, it's a good one! So, I'm awesome, you're awesome, and there's porn about us online. Does this turn you on, Commander?" Chris asked with his most stunning grin, the one Zach could never resist.

"You've read the fanfic with the roleplaying, haven't you?"

"Affirmative! Don't you wish you could engage in sexual intercourse with your captain?" Chris was now standing right in front of Zach, so close that Zach could feel the heat of his body.

"Wow, so many big words! That's almost tempting," Zach replied while raising an eyebrow.

"I'll show you big!" Chris grabbed Zach's T-shirt and soon they were kissing like teenagers high on hormones. Zach could feel Chris's bulge against his thigh and one of Chris's legs between his, maddeningly pressing against his own erection.

"Bed, now!" Zach managed to say between two kisses.

"Off we boldly go!" Chris laughed, slapping Zach on the ass as he followed him to the bedroom.

Zach ended up on the bed with Chris on top of him and the both of them still dressed, but apparently Chris couldn't stop touching him and he wasn't going to complain. Still, the clothes needed to go, so he tried to help Chris out of his T-shirt. That didn't prove as easy as he expected and Chris got all tangled up, with Zach laughing at him.

"Revenge! I'll teach you to make fun of your captain," Chris shouted once he was free, and he started tickling Zach. Zach couldn't stop laughing any more. It seemed to last an eternity until Chris finally let him go and resumed undressing. Damn, the man had a wonderful body! Zach took off his own clothes and realised he was even harder than a few minutes ago.

"Do you have lube?" Chris asked with a leer.

"Of course." Zach leaned to get the tube from his drawer, as well as a box of condoms. Chris took the tube of lubricant and poured some on his fingers. Then he pushed a finger inside Zach, who let out a gasp.

"You like that, Commander?"

"Do you really have to do that while we're having sex?" Zach mumbled.

"I don't know, you tell me. Do you like it or not?"

"Maybe. It's still weird, though."

"Says the one who reads porn about himself," Chris replied with a wink.

Chris stopped talking then, but that was only because he had taken Zach's cock in his mouth. Zach moaned at this unexpected improvement. A second finger soon joined the first, and Zach barely registered the slight pain. All he could think about was Chris's tongue doing marvels on his cock. Chris kept going for a few minutes before inserting a third finger. Zach writhed at the sudden discomfort, but he could only focus on the heat and wetness of Chris's mouth. He was close, so close, he could feel it. He tried to resist, he wanted this moment to last much longer than that, and yet the pleasure was so intense. But then Chris let go and Zach felt utterly empty.

"Are you ready?" Chris asked, and again there was that gorgeous smile that he couldn't resist. Not that he was in any position to resist anything.

"I'm as ready as you can get."

"That's just what I wanted to hear!"

Chris rolled a condom over his cock and lifted Zach's hips. He slowly entered Zach's body, so slowly that Zach moved his hips to get Chris inside him faster. He was well prepared and he needed this so much, there was no way he could wait any longer. Chris must have noticed his impatience because he started moving right then. It was still painfully slow, but it was better than nothing. Zach lifted his head to give a passionate kiss to Chris. They were so good together, he didn't think he had felt anything like that before.

Chris finally broke the kiss and exclaimed: "Prepare to warp!"

Zach would have complained, but Chris started pushing into him hard and fast and Zach's brain stopped functioning altogether. Chris's body was so hot against his skin and it seemed like he was burning everywhere Chris was touching him. Zach was feeling so much pleasure, and it kept increasing each time Chris was thrusting into him. There was no more limit. And suddenly Chris grabbed Zach's member and Zach felt like he was exploding in his hand and all over his body. He was still panting when Chris reached orgasm a minute later and collapsed onto him, all sweaty and debauched.

"Wow, that was amazing! If it always leads to that, I should use your computer more often," Chris beamed at him.

"That sounds good to me," Zach answered sleepily, snuggling in Chris's strong arms.

"I have a question, though."


"Should I worry that you have porn about Anton and Sam Worthington bookmarked?"
Tags: fic, star trek
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