Sense8 - Nomi and Amanita

La Vie d'Adèle + The State of Us by Shaun David Hutchinson

La Vie d'Adèle (that you may know as Blue is the Warmest Colour) is available on Amazon Prime Video. It's a French f/f movie that I hadn't seen yet, even though I had always been fascinated by Emma's blue hair. ;-)

I had heard that it was male-gaze-y and it definitely was. There was a LOT of sex and it was VERY explicit. You could almost classify it as a porn movie. In France, it was rated 12 (though there was a controversy about it), whereas in the US, it was rated NC-17. Note that this kind of discrepancy is not unusual, it's just a cultural difference. Anyway, if the film had been directed by a queer woman, I think her approach would have been very different.

I really loved all the scenes where the characters talked about literature, art and culture in general. Adèle geeking out over French books was adorable.

I'm going to miss these characters. The movie is 3 hours long, but I always watch films on Amazon & Netflix in chunks, so I could have definitively kept going for a while.


The State of Us by Shaun David Hutchinson was brilliant. It's a romcom between the son of the Democratic candidate for President of the United States (a Mexican American) and the son of the Republican candidate (a woman).

You will probably enjoy this if you love: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, a romcom between the First Son of the United States and the British Prince. Honestly, both books are just as good. If the concept interests you, don't hesitate to put both novels on your to-read lists. <3

I love that there's an m/m kiss on the cover art. That's still pretty rare (although it's important to have some under-the-gaydar books too).
Star Trek - Kirk and Spock


Away was great. It's a Netflix show about a crew going to Mars.

It's a little melodramatic compared to the Mars TV series. But since Mars was cancelled, it's good to have another show on this topic.

The crew is diverse, as it's an international mission. There's a little f/f. <3

Note that episode 4 is about a dangerous virus (just like episode 4 of Mars Season 2), so some of you might want to skip that.
Nobuta wo Produce - Shuji to Akira

Queen of Coin and Whispers by Helen Corcoran

Queen of Coin and Whispers by Helen Corcoran was great. When Lia becomes Queen, she chooses Xania as her spymaster.

I liked the Court intrigue. The book sometimes felt a little too YA, but then it became more complex.

There's major f/f. <3 The girls' male best friend is gay.


Have a Tenet m/m fic rec: someone wrote an inverted sex scene. Now that it's been done, I'm kind of surprised it didn't happen earlier. lol

And here's a funny Magicians fanvid. XD
The Secret Circle - Diana Adam Cassie

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos was a lot of fun. ^__^ It's about Sam and his magic club at his high school.

There's been a lot of witch f/f YA lately, so it's nice to get some wizard m/m YA for a change. The book is well written and I liked all the characters.

There's a love triangle between 3 boys, which is not a frequent occurrence. The whole thing was pretty cute.
The Old Guard - Joe and Nicky

Freaks: You're One of Us + Teenage Bounty Hunters + Paradox Lost by Libby Drew

The Netflix movie Freaks: You're One of Us was pretty good. It's a German production.

Netflix has been in a superhero mood this summer. That makes up for the delay of the MCU movies.


Teenage Bounty Hunters was a lot of fun. It's about fraternal twin sisters who secretly become bounty hunters.

The characters were very religious (Christians), so I didn't know what to expect, but in the end, there was some f/f and it was really good.


Paradox Lost by Libby Drew was exciting. Reegan takes tourists into the past. When one of his clients runs away, he hires a private investigator to find her before anything happens to her.

Tenet fanfics put me in the mood for gay time travellers. <3 This book was a great find. It has an original take on time travel and it's very dynamic. It would make a solid movie.

The two men start having sex pretty fast, which doesn't have my preference, but I think it suits the characters.
Dollhouse - Echo and Whiskey

Scholars and Sorcery by Eleanor Beresford

Scholars and Sorcery by Eleanor Beresford was lovely. Charley is in her final year at Fernleigh Manor, a magic school for girls.

Sapphic Hogwarts? Yes, please! There's no Voldemort here, it's about friendships and rivalries, as well as some romance. <3

The 2 novels are Charley's story. The novelette "Fairies and Felicitations" is about Anne, one of Kitty's friends. It's a fun read too.
Inception - Eames Arthur and Girl!Eames

Tenet + The Devil's Blade by Mark Alder

RIP, Chadwick Boseman! You will be missed. <3


Today, I went to see Tenet. It was my first time going to the cinema since the lockdown. I kept my mask on and there weren't a lot of people, so hopefully I didn't catch the virus.

It was brilliant! :D I expected a high-concept movie like Inception and I got a high-concept movie like Inception. I'll probably buy the DVD.

It was m/f-ish, but I think there will be a few timey-wimey m/m fanfics. *looks at AO3* Yep, fandom never disappoints.


The Devil's Blade by Mark Alder was fascinating. After being attacked by a group of men, Julie makes a deal with the Devil and starts sending them all to Hell.

This makes it sound dark and gritty, but it's actually a fairly amusing book. A+ to the sedan chair pursuit! XD

The story is very loosely based on Julie d'Aubigny, aka La Maupin, a bisexual opera singer who fought duels against men. Collapse ) Monsieur, Louis XIV's gay brother, is also in this. Lucifer is genderqueer.
X-Men - Xavier and Magneto

The Dark Tower + Agents of SHIELD Season 7

The Dark Tower is on Netflix France. It was quite good.

I've never read anything by Stephen King, but I've seen a number of movie and TV adaptations of his work. Often, I'm bored, but I wasn't this time, probably because it's not a very long movie.

Idris Elba was great. So was the kid. Katheryn Winnick and Fran Kranz are in this too.


Agents of SHIELD Season 7 wasn't as good as S5 & S6. Still, it's going to be weird not to have this TV series any more. It had a good run.

I missed Iain De Caestecker for most of the season, but one thing I loved was that they got Enver Gjokaj on the show. <3
The Secret Circle - Diana Adam Cassie

The Sleepover + Cold Iron Heart by Melissa Marr

The Sleepover was a rather fun Netflix movie. Children must save their mother, who's been kidnapped to organise a heist.

I would have loved this as a kid. I still enjoyed it as an adult, except for the annoying father.

Joe Manganiello (Alcide in True Blood) is in this.


Cold Iron Heart by Melissa Marr was absolutely wonderful. <3 It's a prequel to the Wicked Lovely series, a faery story that started very het and ended up being very queer and poly (with both m/m/f and f/f/m).

I'm really glad the author decided to go back to this world. I remembered all the characters surprisingly well, which let me enjoy this tome even more.

It has delightful m/f and past m/m. Well, it's in the past, but the feelings are still there.

At the end, there's a recent short story, "Love Hurts", which takes place after the original series. It features the m/m/f relationship. ♥