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insomnia is best explained through the observation of infomercials.

like, the bible on DVD, or the chia herb garden.

I had some ramen noodles at 2am, tried to call kevin but it was 7am in spain even if I did get through.

mozilla spell check is stupid, it doesn't know it's own name, "kevin" "ramen" "DVD" or "spain", spain doesn't even give me the capital letter suggestion.

I'm already dressed.

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you know whats awesome when you're broke, lost your job, and a trusted friend turned dishonest avoider has owed you $30 since the summer?

looking around your room for Pokemon game boy games and finding $40 you hid on yourself!

but I think my brother stole my Pokemons and sold them on ebay! D:

[still WANTED: my other $30 REWARD: a piece of metal-work/jewelry within my skill range]
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happy Hallmark day! feed the greeting machine!

first snow day of the year in February? better late than never I guess.

the freezing rain sounds like little tiny pins and needles on my window.
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All Pets Club is an absurd world of stupid that needs to be put down. they took me off the schedule because of a scheduling ERROR on their part. I'm probably fired. I hate that place.

in other news, gateway here I come. I'm not even sure if I'm going to graduate.
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I have come to learn that we are all alone, a sophisticated model of a simple species, all thease behaviors, thought up saviors and "lore", a rubber balloon with a core of ice settling on the bottom of a warm bathtub, fingers move, pianist machines, with knuckles creaking. there is no sanity left in this "house". the heat chills the air.
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we are our own ends and are hopeless in resistance.

I have realized that those who I see less are better people to me.

I deleted my myspace, drank a lot of water and laughed out loud for no reason.

I cleaned out my LJ of some cobwebs.

now I'm going to do some homework.

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Starting the Common App on a return from illness.

I am having a very bad day, which can't do much more than become a worse week.

I have nothing to say because I have no one to address.

all of a sudden I have an anxiety problem, but walls don't do much in response.

this is probably a temporary goodbye.

and so(?)(:) or (.)

a spine of concrete splays the cobra
ribs across afar-off sky,
seeing sand but tasting the ocean,
a world of wind
straight to the point and sure
that this is what you mean,
some freezing room in the bad years of rome,
with a typewriter,
I am time,
a long dark throat empties into the open stomach of night,
where my wings lie green,
and my hands run able,
the air tastes like lawn,
the rain settles in the bottom of dawn,
painted over with newspapers and hangnails,
letting go to crackles,
dancing chakras and happy shaman
on the mossy bed of the forest somewhere cool and wet,
roast animals in their prime.

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so yeah, no one is home or around, been the story all week. that or the ones who are around are stoned and avoiding me because I want what I am owed. most eventful thing was saving my brothers drunk ass from the woods and the cold.

save me? anybody? my family is driving me up a wall.
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