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woooo school was interesting today, some guy came to teach us an obsolete technique from the 70s that involves violently shaking people and is terrible for the important weight bearing joints in the body... it was silly.

then we studied and studied and then I came home and after bringing the doggie around the block and making some kick ass lasagna with my father and... massaging my mother I went to a starbucks to study some more over peppermint hot chocolate.

it's been a pretty good day all in all, mostly because I'm getting self-related things off my chest and partially because I am getting into school more and more.

I didn't come home and sleep today!
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I hadn't been to the center in forever and today I went and hung around.

I think I saw god by the way, she was an old woman in big sunglasses dressed in black, with hanging butterfly earrings and a butterfly necklace, the kind with shiny purple and blue enamel,
she had a really neat hat with another butterfly pin on it and I felt a NEED to say something to her, so I complimented on her hat and said I loved her style.
she told me how sweet I was and told me she'd gotten the hat at at little boutique store in St. Augustine that sold unique things, a beautiful Spanish model was in the window (I assume a photo?),
she went in and saw the hat, there was only one of them and she knew it was for her, so she'd bought it. I told her how cool I thought that was, and said I liked her earrings and necklace, all the butterflies.

she hugged me and told me I was sweet again, the woman with her recalled that maybe she'd been a substitute teacher for me when I was a kid.
I nodded because they looked like they were on their way somewhere, the old woman thanked me and said goodbye, I said I hoped they'd have a good night
and the old woman waved and looked back to me and said:

"I hope you succeed in anything you do, whatever that may be!"

I thanked her and wanted to say more, but I didn't know what I should say and she went on her way.

I've been seeing butterflies all around, everywhere I go and I wondered and wondered... I can't get those earrings out of my mind.
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"Egg Timer",

feeling the icy floor
below my blistered feet
solid as a sound-
(in bluejeans)
on the tail bone
of a scaled beast
with brass wings--
thinking about things
that all hide
under a stone sky
in the afternoon
of this daybreak
(with a bowl that runneth over)
above all the traits
the manifest in the dark--
as a folded page,
smelling of sandlewood
in a scuffed,
because home is in the hara;
where the desert is merely
(a mouth for the beast
covered in continental moss
with bark-clad feet--
and stumps for teeth.)

it's an interesting tale we weave
when we've lost our first words
and tried to retain
an ancient lost love
who measures out my days
in the background
in the direction I can't face
(when my back's to the sun,
eating honeysuckles
and sweet grass)
in anatomical positin
due to the regret
in forgotten actions.
your impaction.

because apparently
my chakras do
run a-muck
over a painting
in a showbox...

Talk to the hand

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After noon (but not yet evening)
Thin terrestrial beings wave in the wind,
with rattling lantern skin,
while the brush to my right--
it rings within.

My soul mistake was that I--
[immune to time]
wandered freely,
and ran out of rhyme,
just to keep my heart beating.

this token
[a gift from you to me]
is but another world's currency,
a word with another meaning--
lost to me.

can someone please get me out of here? I was bird-watching in my back yard at 9am.

one single bright male cardinal singing his song atop the tallest tree on the block (all to himself)
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next three sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, a girlie mag, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST

Andrew Lang The Chronicles of Pantouflia

" 'Oh! I beg your pardon, I never noticed; I'm sure if I am very sorry,' cried the prince, who, never having been in love himself, never thought of other people. And he tried to take Molinda's hand, but she snatched it from him and ran away through the garden to the palace, leaving Prince Prigio to feel foolish, for once, and ashamed.

As for lady Kathleena, she swept past him like a queen, without a word."